Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Cleaning?!

I wish I could borrow Zack Morris's pause button to use on my children while I clean the house.  I vaccuum every morning because my dogs like to view the entire house when they eat   I have no idea why they feel the need to take the food and drop it onto the carpet, but regardless, every morning, Elizabeth comes trapsing in and sticks a leftover piece in her mouth.  Therefore, I clean right away.  This morning, Rachel is peaceful (for once!) in her bouncy chair, so I start the sweeper.  I look up and, within three seconds, my baby's blanket has been ripped off and she has an assortment of blocks and a little fisher price mirror placed in her chair.  The B to the puzzle is on her belly and Elizabeth has the burp cloth on her shoulder.  "Leave the baby alone," I say, and start up the sweeper again.  Three more seconds...I look up and she is eating the mini blinds on the front window.  I wish I was kidding.  There are bite marks in our $2.99 mini blinds.  So I stop the sweeper.  "Don't eat the blinds."  And pull them up to halfway up the window.  

Your attempt to put the laundry higher is futile, Mother...

I have a mountain of daily laundry and have piled Elizabeth's and Rachel's clothes in a basket in her room (they share a closet).  Now why I did this can only be explained by some form of "lack of sleep insanity", but regardless, it wasn't smart.  I just looked in her room and there are clothes strewn all over and she is trying to put on her pajama pants over her clothes.  She can't get them all the way up, or on both legs, so she settles for them to stay on one leg and slouch down around her ankles.  She adds a pair of Rachel's pants (on the same leg) and a shirt for the multicolored, Punky Brewster leg warmer effect. 

 Mom! Look what someone did!

Is it only Tuesday??

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