Saturday, April 17, 2010

The latest adventures

Bath time
Scott does the baths and we've gotten into a little routine to get both girls bathed and read to and into bed at night.  We are a smooth, oiled machine now, but there were a couple nights that things got a little hairy in the beginningOne night, we were running late and Scott decided to just bathe Rachel in the tub after he got finished with Elizabeth.  I'm finishing up the dinner dishes when I hear my sweet husband yell, "Elizabeth!  Don't pee in the water!  I was going to wash Rachel in that!"  I run in and our 20 month old is standing up in the tub, grinning.  Needless to say, that was the night Rachel started taking baths in her baby bathtub!

My baby can read
I've told you about the alphabet puzzle.

I finally got smart and moved it into Elizabeth's room and we like the thing a whole lot better since we're not stepping on little pegs 20 times a day.  Elizabeth has gotten really good at being able to say most of the letters and she knows where almost all of them go.  The funny thing is that, since we've been working the puzzle, she realizes there are letters everywhere!  She reads the letters on our shirts and on products around the house.  The other day, a cartoon character was writing his name (OSO) and she spelled it out.  The cutest thing by far has been in the bath tub.  I bought her these soft letters that stick to the side of the tub.  The first night she and Scott worked on them, they were in the tub for an extra 20 minutes!  He would get so excited when she knew which letter came next.  When it was time to get out, she cried!!  He said she was so cold from standing to put the letters on the wall, her teeth were chattering. 

Mommy, nap time!
So my smart girl tried to pull a fast one on mommy.  The other day, I was nursing Rachel and Sesame Street had just come on, which is the cue for nap time (I tape it to watch later in the day).   Elizabeth went in her room and got her blanket.  She came out and put the Boppy on the floor in front of the TV, laid down with it as her pillow and covered up with the blanket.  She turned and looked at me and said, "Map, mama," and shut her eyes, as if to say, " Oh, you don't have to worry about putting me to bed, mother...I will be fine right here in front of Elmo."  Nice try, sweetie.  

My little mimic
We have an echo in the house, as my daughter is starting to try to repeat words that she hears.  She is really big on consonants, but normally, they come after a pause, as if she's trying to figure out where they go in the word.  Babi..K...T  is blanket.  Yo-yu...T is yogurt.  For some reason, she puts a K on the end of fish...I've been trying to get that out of there.  She's getting good with her songs and counting, although one and nine sound the same and she doesn't do ten.

Get in shape, girl!
Courtney used to have those little pink and purple workout sets.  Remember?  The past two weeks have been devoted to my getting back in shape.  I hate being heavy...funny because I do work to gain weight in my pregnancies.  I'm not one of those girls that do the 10-15 pound deal...I gain 50.  No kidding.  So I am in the process of doing an hour of cardio in the gym and then P90X during nap time.  I'm starting week three now.  I've always been a little psycho about being in shape...I'll admit it...that's how I meet Libby and Amanda freshman year at Campbell.  ha!  I'll keep you updated on my progress.  I have just under 30 lbs to go to get back to my fighting weight.  

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