Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pictures around this joint

Spring is upon us and the sunshine makes me not want to sit at my that you too? 

This past weekend was so pretty.  It was my first chance to do lessons outside and we were blessed with warm, 70 degree temperatures and clear skies.  The girls played outside while I taught and then continued to play as I pulled weeds and trimmed bushes.  Isn't it amazing how good you feel after doing yard work?  At least, I do.  And it seems like I've been pregnant or just coming off being pregnant and unable to move and do anything in my gardens for so long that I appreciate my hands in the dirt so much more now.

I remember when I was a graduate assistant and moved into my first little duplex apartment.  I had never lived alone before and didn't really know anyone except for the people I worked with, so I started working on the flower beds around my house.  I ended up going to the gardening store to get plants and the sale I thought I was purchasing under had just ended the day before.  When I rang my flats of flowers and dirt up at the register, it came to $80!!  I almost choked, but was so embarrassed by my mistake that I couldn't take them I loved flowers.   So I promised to REALLY take care of them...especially since that was pretty much a month's worth of groceries back then!  

We lived there for two years and months after we moved out, I made the mistake of driving by and just cried and cried about how it had been left to overgrow and get wild. Now, my phase of life has me growing babies instead of flowers but I'm hoping to be able to begin to mold the two worlds.

That is, if Rachel would ever stop picking the heads off all my daffodils...

But anyway, I know I've been quiet on here so let me catch you up on our household with the most recent pics and short stories.  

Caleb's birthday was last week and we were so blessed to be able to celebrate our little boy!!  He is quite the handful these days, walking and running, yelling and attacking his sisters.

Here is a shot one of his sisters captured.  This pretty much sums him up.

And if that doesn't, this will!!
The girls helped me make his cake - it was vanilla with vanilla frosting.  And of course, there were plenty of sprinkles.
And he got his own piece...which was quickly taken away from him when he tried to stuff the whole thing in his mouth.
It was a fun day and he loved opening his gifts and playing with his new "boy toys."  I never thought about how few rough and tumble things we have around our house...admittedly, most of our toys come in the pink or princess variety.  But given the chance, he definitely drifts to balls and trucks...things he can push and throw.  So it was nice to get a few more of those things into the mix.  

Caleb is a funny little boy.  He loves swinging outside and exploring the yard and driveway.  He can climb up the stairs and knows how to come down on his belly.  He loves going through my kitchen and pulling everything out of drawers and can clap his hands and stomp his feet on cue with If you're happy and you know it.  He still calls me dada and his favorite time of day is when his real dada walks in the door.  (He is the big guy's top fan!)  He loves making the girls laugh.  Just last night, he figured out how to blow raspberries and had them rolling in the bathtub with his sound effects.  

Yep, we're pretty much head over heels!!

Anyway, in other news, the girls figured out how to use my iphone.  Are no electronic sacred in this house??

Here, Rachel.  You take my picture and I'll take yours!
I tried taking a picture of the kids one morning because they actually wanted to match.  The shot I got is pretty typical around here...Elizabeth singing, Rachel crying and Caleb drooling.  Classic. 

This one turned out a little better on St. Patrick's Day.  And Rachel actually wanted to wear this headband to church AND put it in her hair all by herself.  Jump back!!

I told you were were starting to update the house and the kitchen is first on the list.  Sunday, Scott took out the old counter-tops and sink for me.  Please never mind the mess.  I would say the island is usually cleaner, but that would make me a liar-liar-pants-on-fire.

And here is with the new counter-tops and sink.  The pic makes it kind of hard to see, but I am in love with the whole thing and excited about moving forward.  Next week, the lighting is getting updated (from florescent to cans) and then the appliances and back splash.

And now, looking at these pictures, I need to go take down the happy birthday banner.  Have a great day, my friends!!

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  1. Wow! Can't believe Caleb is a year old already. Your kids are so sweet. I bet it feels great to have your new counters! I know any improvement I make in my house just makes my day every time I look at it :)