Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kissing Lessons

Elizabeth got in trouble today at preschool.

Now, normally, she's a pretty good kid and doesn't push too many buttons in public.  I hear from everyone what a good young lady she is.

It's a blessing, really.

But I have noticed that we have started to have quite the goings-on when I pick her up from preschool.  She has to hug at least four of her friends before leaving.  Last week, it even got excessive and she knocked one kid down to the floor and I caught her kissing another.

We talk about not kissing others.  This came about when I caught her and her best friend kissing "like the Disney princesses."  So we give hugs, but no kisses except to our family...and we definitely don't hug to knock down  (except maybe our family...).

So at dinner that night, her daddy got in on the action when Elizabeth admitted that she liked to chase around the boys...and laugh... and kiss them.  

Scott's head whipped around.  "You do not kiss boys!"

"But they like for me to kiss them!"  She argued.

This conversation went on and we had all thought we had come to an agreement until I went to pick her up today.  The kids had come out of the classroom, into the hallway like an avalanche of papers and arms and legs and loud voices...our oldest in the middle of it all.

"Ok, Mom...I'm just going to go say goodbye to my friends and give them hugs... and kisses...."

"Elizabeth, we are not kissing and you need to just give quick hugs.  You shouldn't end up rolling around on the floor."  (Seriously, the life lessons you cover at the age of 4...)

I had my back to her when I heard her teacher correcting her for kissing and I turned around to see her arms around the smallest stud muffin you've ever seen.  The kid has an olive complexion, long dark hair and the cutest smile.  He was screaming that he was going to die now that he'd been kissed and proceeded to spin around and then land right in front of me...with his eyes open.

Oh my...this could be bad...

So when my husband got home, I let him unwind before I brought it up.

"Elizabeth got in trouble today for kissing a boy."

"Elizabeth!  I thought we had discussed this!  You do not kiss boys!"

"But Daaaaaaddddyyyy!!  He wants me to kiss him!  He tells me to and then runs away so I'll chase him!"  (Imagine that in your most dramatic little voice ever.  Like Scarlett with less accent.)


"Or girls!!"  piped in the little sister, who was getting quite a kick out of the entire lesson.

We went on with our evening, having dinner, getting baths and putting on pj's.  It was only until he opened Aunt Allison's most recent book, gifted to Rachel and advising against stealing kisses, that he remembered to drill the point home.

"And we definitely don't kiss boys.  What was that boy's name again?  Baylor??  Baylor is a silly name.  If he tries to get you to kiss him again, you kick him in the shins..."

"That's enough, Daddy!"  called Mama from the other room.

And we are off on yet another adventure...  :)

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  1. book. Just burn that book. It's been nothing but trouble.