Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flooding the house with babies!

We've been so blessed to have Aunt Anessa and John Wayne in to visit us for the week.  They probably don't feel as fortunate to be in Nashville during the biggest flood in history...especially with Aunt Anessa's fear of tornados!  We are fine here and are so lucky to have our power and cable.  Aside from a little cabin fever, the weekend has gone well.  

 This is our front yard and it's hard to tell with the glare, but the water is up to the edge of the grass because it comes down the hill. 

John Wayne with the crazy hair.  We laughed because it actually calmed down with the humidity!

First walk with the cousins!

We were a little overly ambitious and had some melt downs...

What in the world are you doing to me, mother?

Somehow, Rachel acquired all these toys herself...I'm sure with no help from her sister...

It took two days to figure out how to play.

I think all babies like this ball!

Ok, so they aren't playing together, but they are in the same vicinity, so we'll take it.

Daddy and the girls

By far, my favorite picture of the week so far!


  1. My favorite shot....Ship and Rachel are the only happy

  2. Love the pictures, Annie. Babies are precious...they make the world go round. Hope the flood clears up soon!