Sunday, May 16, 2010

Catch Up

We've had a week of the blah's in the Shipman household.  Elizabeth held onto a fever all week and I've had a lingering sore throat.  Needless to say, I've fallen behind in my writing.  So here are some pictures to catch you up on us.

Why my child decides to throw a fit as soon as I break out the camera is beyond me.  This picture was last Sunday and she looked so cute in the outfit her Grandma Chris got her and this is the face I capture.  I'm so excited about how long her hair is getting.  I actually tried to put a barrette in it and it freaked her out.  Oh well.

I always crack up when I hear expectant mothers talking about how they can't wait to dress up their kids.  My kids have always hated getting dressed.  Elizabeth has gotten better as she's gotten older, but if I try to break the t-shirt and cotton shorts rut with something cute, I hear about it.  Here, she is upset with my selection of a halter top.  She yanked at the straps for ten minutes, trying to convince me it was choking her.  Not to be outdone, Rachel hated her outfit as well.  I can't win!  At least they looked cute...despite their red, swollen eyes!

Like I said before, Elizabeth ran a fever almost all week.  She really didn't have any other symptoms except for crashing when her Tylenol wore off.  She never lays on the couch...but she curled up here with her blanket and sippy for about 45 minutes.  You can also see Rachel in the corner, eating her hand.  "I mean, if you're just going to sit there, mom, you could at least feed me!"  I was so thankful that Scott was able to work from home a couple days and help me with the girls. 

We kept an eye on Rachel for a fever, but she never developed one and I was thankful.  She's just so stinkin cute.

Gives new meaning to the expression, "double fisting."

This picture cracked me up.  Frick and frack with the same expression.  

Elizabeth and me, sharing a cookie.  She likes dunking her whole hand in the milk, along with the cookie, and then leaving a milk trail from the glass to her mouth.  I can't wait to try Oreos!

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