Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You can tell I'm a mom because...

I thought this would be the next fun list because these thoughts run through my head all the time.  So pile on your contributions at the end!

You can tell I'm a (new) mom because...

... I have a permanent throw-up/drool stain on my left shoulder.

... Every week, I buy diapers and laundry detergent.

... I have Sesame Street and Disney CD's in my car on a constant loop.

... It takes me fifteen minutes to pluck my eyebrows because it's been two weeks (this was last night at 10 p.m. for me!).

... I eat most meals standing up.

... I can tell from the cry whether my child is hurt or just wants attention.

... I pick my battles and if my child doesn't match, but she picked out her clothes herself, then oh well...

... I forget where my mascara is.

... I'm too tired to make a fresh pot of coffee so I just reheat what's leftover from this morning.

... I will drive out of my way to find a drive-through...whether it's a bank, a restaurant or a dry cleaner.

... I smile as I run on the treadmill because for one hour, my children are in the nursery.

... I look like a train-wreck when they feel sick.

... I automatically place my cell phone and remote control on the highest shelf possible.

Keep going!


  1. You know you're a mom because...
    you find a drive-thru for your pharmacy, too;
    most of the shoes you own are slip-ons AND comfy;
    your purse is your diaper bag;
    you make what your child will eat for dinner rather than what you really want to eat;
    you have 3-4 different kinds of crackers in your pantry, including graham crackers and some kind of cheese flavored;
    you're an expert at making grilled cheese sandwiches;
    and last but not least,
    you are constantly worried if your house smells like diapers or not. (thus constant cleaning because the house is never really clean for long)

  2. You can tell I'm a mom because when I picked out my dress for church yesterday I had to put a polo shirt and leggings underneath since I hadn't shaved in, ahem, quite a while. =)