Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Catch up!

My sincerest apologizes for being absent - I feel like the past few weeks have gone by in a blur and nap times have not been the most successful.  So I am finally sitting down to update you on my children...best told in pictures, I think.  We had a wonderful visit last week with Susie and Larry and Scott took a four day weekend, so I have been very spoiled with extra hands around the house.  I paid for it this morning though...back to the grind!

Ahh, a moment of good sleep.  Isn't she getting big?  I can't believe she's already 3 months old.  Rachel is a very social baby.  She talks my head off and has a huge laugh.  Her favorite person is her sister.

This was my backseat after getting home from the Y one morning...two sleeping beauties!

I swear, she always looks into something...

Scott and Elizabeth have been working on getting dressed and pulling the pants on over the diaper have proved to be a challenge...even when they are mommy's shorts.

My children always look so cute when they are getting ready for church...until I pull out the camera.  Somehow in the two seconds it took me to turn the camera on, Elizabeth lost a shoe.  

Rachel in the nursery with another Rachel.  Miss Frankie gave her the flower headband after her sister claimed the pink one...we call it her "pretty."

Daddy and Rachel.  This is how we found them when we got back from Kroger the other day.  Elizabeth promptly ran over and woke her up.  ("Baby! Baby! Baby!")  Speaking of Elizabeth talking, everything she says now has an article in front of it.  So in our house we have "a ball," "a bat," "a sue (shoe)"... and now "a bed."

I found this toddler bed at a yard sale for $20 and her Grammy and Grampie bought her the mattress and some Tinkerbell sheets for it.  We need the crib for Rachel (the lightest sleeper in the world who has worn out her welcome in mom and dad's room) and the little dare devil is climbing out of it.  Well, not so much out of it as on it...she climbs up to the top railing and perches there like an owl because she can't figure out where to go next.  I haven't been able to get a picture of this yet, but it's hilarious.  

So far, her record is 10 minutes in the bed at night.  At nap time, she doesn't even last until I walk in the living room and she's sprinting past me.  Then, it's back in the crib.

Oh yes, her Gram also got her silky princess pajamas that were a huge hit.  

Our other big news of the weekend is Rachel's first time in the johnny jumper.  This was a huge hit with Elizabeth and we thought we'd try Rachel in it. She loved it!  The biggest obstacle was keeping her sister from launching her across the room or spinning her to death.  "Sing!  Sing!"  (swing)

Saying bye-bye...always so sad.

And that brings us to this morning...when my baby somehow managed to pull this huge, loud, and light-up toy on top of herself...I'm sure with no help from her sister...

And Elizabeth managed to get mac and cheese on every inch of her face.  Back to reality!

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