Monday, June 21, 2010

Late Father's Day Thoughts

So I meant to sit down and write this yesterday...on FATHER'S DAY...but we worked the entire day to get Rachel's room set up and the crib ready for her to move in to.  Why you don't hear me shouting from the rafters about getting our bedroom back?  The kid was up FOUR times last night before 1:30.  So I'm a little too tired to shout.  I will definitely let you know when she pulls an all-nighter in the crib.

We weren't able to make it home for Father's Day, but we remain thankful and blessed for the fathers in our lives.  I am fortunate to have two wonderful father-in-laws, Barry and Larry and although the time is little that we get to spend together, it is always meaningful.

Larry attempting to steal a kiss from Elizabeth.

My dad and I were always close, but became a duo once I started getting serious with softball.  I look back now through the eyes of a parent and realize the many hours he committed to helping me achieve a goal may have not been the most ideal, but he took the time anyway.  Dad taught me the value of hard work by "making me" work hard.  I'm so thankful he did.

This is why Butchy loves Grandpa. husband.  Scott is the best dad I know.  I've never seen anyone be so sad to see Monday morning come because it means he has to leave his little girls.  He works long hours...most mornings, he leaves the house around 4:30 to go workout and doesn't get home until 6:45 or 7:00.  Regardless, he always takes the time to play with both girls and clean up toys around the house.  He is in charge of bath time and cherishes the splashing and chasing of one naked and soaked Elizabeth Rose (who takes off into the living room as soon as her feet hit the floor from the tub) because he knows he won't be able to give his little girls baths for much longer.  

We had a perfect family day on Saturday and took the girls to the Brentwood YMCA pool to go swimming.  Elizabeth LOVES swimming ("sim!  sim!") and was the smallest kid climbing up the water slide on all fours (she takes after her daddy in the fearless department).  Rachel and I chilled out in the shallow end.  Scott volunteered to watch both girls so I could go grocery shopping once we got home and neither one of them took a nap (yikes!).  Instead of mowing grass, he volunteered to help me with dinner, turning on the radio in the background (which we used to do all the time, but not since Sesame Street has taken over our lives).  We had hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and was just cleaning up the dishes when Tim McGraw's, "All I want to do is watch the wind blow by"  came on.  The song had just come out when we started dating and it always makes me think of him.  He knows this, so he grabbed my hand and we started to sway in the dining room.  The moment was so sweet and perfect and we almost got through an entire verse when we saw a little streak shoot out from behind the couch.  She paused on the rug to look at us, said "poo-poo", and sprinted back to her bedroom.  Scott looked down at me and said, "And just like that, the moment's over," and went in to change Elizabeth's diaper.  

Ah...what a life!  Happy Father's Day!

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