Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Evolution of "Mom" and "Dad"

I've gone through a couple name changes, I guess.  The big one taking place on my Social Security card and Driver's License when we were married.

Once Elizabeth started to talk, I went from muh-muh-muh-muh-muh to a pretty pronounced mama and that's where I've stayed for about three and a half years now.

I didn't mind mama, although I called my mom mom - not growing up in the South, you just didn't hear it much.  But we are sort of in the middle living in TN, so I thought it could be a possibility that mama would stick.

Scott went from dada to daddy and to Rachel, he is dad-EEEE!!  (That would be a major accent on the second syllable there...and normally, it's high-pitched.  I have to try to catch it on tape sometime because it's beyond precious.)

We've honestly not given our parental names much thought...well, until this weekend.  You see, that's when our names changed.  It was sometime Friday or Saturday and we were out and about with the girls and, from the backseat, our oldest posed the question, "Do you think we could get pizza for"

Mom was almost whispered.  Like a kid trying out a swear word to see if he can get away with it.  She was testing me.

"Sure, honey...we can get pizza,"  I said, nodding my head.  I didn't give her any kind of reaction although I shot a sideways glance to my husband who is fluent in my silent-parent-telepathic-communication.

(Did you hear that, Scott??  She just called me MOM!  Where did that come from?)

"What do you think about"

He smiled and stuffed in a laugh.  "I think pizza will be great, Elizabeth.  We're going to go get it now."

This opened the flood gates of a weekend full of our new names.  She loved rolling them over and over again off her tongue and you could tell she felt grown-up by using them.  And boy, did she use them.  A typical conversation went like this.

"Mom, would you like a drink?
I can get your drink for you, Mom.  Would you like that, Mom?
Is that drink good, Mom?  Mom!  You sure are thirsty!
I'll take it to the kitchen for you, Mom.  Aren't I a good helper, Mom?"

And that was basically our weekend.  Scott was no different - getting his fill of dad this and dad that, with a little bit of dad-EEEE!! thrown in by Rachel.  The funniest thing was that overall, she acted older with this new vocabulary.  She was quick to help and didn't get in trouble that much, although she was still far from perfect (Well, she IS 3, after all).  She willingly washed her hands and set the table and helped with Rachel.  

Just another sign that my babies are growing up, which makes me more and more thankful to have one more little blessing to be able to love on for just a bit longer.  And I guess be mama for just a bit longer too...

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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