Monday, October 17, 2011

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!

Ok, so poor Peter - I took his nursery rhyme for my title - but it was just too catchy for what I needed.  

I told you Thursday about how Scott and I were doing this cleanse together and it omitted certain things from our diets, including coffee??  

Well, I am happy to report that I stayed steady for a little over 24 hours...and then I threw in the towel.

Friday morning I woke up, not wanting eggs without cheese.  In fact, the idea flat made me gag.  I glared at my happy children enjoying their yummy, warm oatmeal and the coffee pot just sitting there on the counter, not even earning it's keep.  It took me an hour to get everything ready to make the vegetable juice that would be my breakfast and I then drank it begrudgingly rather than joyfully.

Stupid trying to get healthy...stupid...  (You know you're losing it when the moping in your head doesn't even make sense.)

Don't even get me started on the sad puppy of a husband that followed me downstairs and couldn't have a shake for breakfast.  

My rain cloud followed me to the gym, where I made it through my workout, but I didn't break any records, not to mention much of a sweat.

Stupid no energy from this stupid diet...stupid...

Scott met us back home, as he was going to work a couple hours from the dining room table, and I heated us up some leftover beef stew from the night before.  The food improved my mood, but not much.  An hour later, I'd had enough.  Draping myself dramatically across the table, I looked at my working husband and said, in my best whiny three-year-old imitation:

"I want to cheat."

He didn't even look up from the computer.


I popped up.  "What?  OK?? What about the cleanse?"

"We did it a hundred percent for 24 hours.  Let's just make modifications for the things that we absolutely need.  Like coffee and shakes."

Shaking hands on the deal, we both jumped up, me to start the coffee pot and him to raid his BSN stash.  Of course, we didn't agree to cookies, but I managed to have five of them that afternoon (blowing my no-sugar week out of the water) and also my beloved Friday dinner sandwich - as pregnancy cravings win out over diet plans most days of the week for me.

Sunday was a full cheat day for us and we joined our friends, the Jebsens, for Pumpkin Pancake Palooza at their house after church.  Susie made the most amazing pancakes with warm apple syrup...mmmm...and coffee...and a teensy slice of apple pie for dessert.  Good food with good company - what a great Sunday!  We topped off the night with pizza, since the day was a loss anyway and went to bed happy and full.

This morning, I was in a much better frame of mind to enjoy my specified hard boiled eggs and grapefruit and be back on the plan.  We have noticed a difference, even if doing this for a short time.  Of course, my husband has lost ten pounds while doing this for less than a week (men!!) and I have noticed a significantly lesser amount of swelling in my legs since starting this.  After Rachel was born, I held a lot of water around my legs and when I got pregnant this time, they seemed to swell up a little too quickly for my liking.  So the relief the past few days has been wonderful, although I wonder which element of my diet was contributing to this...

Thankfully, I can rule out coffee... ;)

Happy Monday, my friends!  If you are No-Sugaring it with me, we have two full weeks left!  Tell me about your cheat weekend!!

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