Thursday, April 21, 2011

The chair (s)

Who knew that little kid furniture would be so expensive?!  I've been pricing these little chairs for a while and had hesitated in getting them for the girls until I saw them for a good price.  So when Amazon priced them at half off, I swooped and bought two.

They love them...or should I say it?

While I purchased two, they fight over just one.  I give up.

Ah...I sure love this chair Rachel, don't you?
Oh, I'm so tired, but I will try to lay down here, just so you can't get in it.

Hey!  Mom said I could have a turn!

What Mom?  You want to take our pictures!  Ok!  I get the chair!

Wait, Mom...can you read me this book while you take the picture?

Then it begins to get ugly...I'm pretty sure she launched the book at her sister.  That was the end of our photo session.

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