Thursday, April 21, 2011


I know I'm probably breaking some child labor laws with the following pictures...but they pull this vacuum cleaner out every morning and Rachel fusses until she gets a turn.


Our little neighbor, Natalia, has been coming over to play quite a bit and it is WONDERFUL.  The girls are occupied and I can get things done and still listen to them.  She has taught them a lot about playing in their kitchen and then setting the table.  Sometimes I give them crackers to eat with their meals.  Of course, Rachel wants to feel big too but is often left out.  Poor little sister!

What?  I don't get a chair?

Seriously guys...are we going to eat or what?

If I don't get those peas in two seconds, I'm screaming for mom.
Finally, this was our big date night with Daddy to the burrito place.  They serve chips and it's relatively uncrowded, so that's just our place.  Elizabeth cracks me up with this purse...all it has in it is an old cell phone and she has to bring it every time we leave the house.

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