Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Fashion Diva

Until about two months ago, we were really cruising.  We had a good routine, my children were relatively well-behaved and all was right in the world.  And then, all of a sudden, Elizabeth started caring about what she wore.

And oh, did she ever care.

Overnight, she decided that she hated anything NOT pink or purple.  Or leggings.  Blue jeans, black pants, anything sweater or jacket oriented were out.  Don't even talk about khakis.

So now we find ourselves in this daily tug of war over what to wear.  Or how to fix her hair.  Or what shoes to wear.


This is her favorite outfit by far.  Well, half of it.  She calls this shirt her pink ballerina, because of the little skirt.  She'd wear it daily, if I let her and she loves the little purse on the front.  Her Grandma Chris got it for her and she'll wear these pants, because they're leggings.  Normally, she pairs this with a pair of purple leggings that are so stained and ruined that they are embarrassing.  But they ARE her favorite.  Here, she's telling me that she can fix her hair ALL BY MYSELF (which is one of her favorite statements of the moment).

Don't even think of trying to help her.

Of course, Rachel still appeases me and lets me dress her in what I like.  Thank goodness.  Look at that little bed head.

Of course today, for some reason, she decided that she wanted to wear her "tap shoes" (church shoes) with her outfit...and because I can never get her in this shirt, I lost the shoe battle.  

Sigh...I don't envision this getting better any time soon?!

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