Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A week with Grandma...and a little of this and that

Mom got to come down and spend her spring break in our calm and quiet household (ha!) and meet her newest granddaughter for the first time.  We had such a wonderful visit and, at week's end, I was crying like a baby (of course) and missing her like crazy.  Scott and I never cease to enjoy seeing our parents interact with our kids - there is just something about it that makes us miss being around family.  Rachel turned a month old on Thursday - is that hard to believe or what?!  Elizabeth is such the little mommy and has figured out how to open the wipes container and pull one out after another, regardless of my insisting that, "Those cost money, honey!!"  As soon as she gets up, she asks for the baby and precedes to run in her room to wake her up.  Yesterday, she really shocked me.  While running through the living room, she tripped over the bouncy chair and started screaming.  I was in the process of loading Rachel in her carrier (her LEAST favorite place to be) so she started screaming too.  When she heard Rachel, Elizabeth stopped, jumped up, and ran over to rock the carrier back and forth so the baby would stop crying.  I was so proud of my little girl.  I guess in the same breath, I could tell you about how she tried to bully her sister off my lap earlier that morning, but let's stick with the positive!

A trip to Target resulted in an Easter hat for Elizabeth.  It was a dollar in that front section.  That's also a book on potty training that I'm having her study.  An update on that soon...  Speaking of hats, for some reason, she likes to try to fit her bucket-head into Rachel's baby beanies.  Example:

We got Easter presents from Vegas:  teddy bears bigger than my children (thank you, Grammy)!  I think Elizabeth may like them one day, but as for today, she thinks the shipping box is awesome!

I think my husband is one of the best daddy's I know.  He gives both girls their baths every night and gets them ready for bed while I clean up the kitchen after dinner.  This particular night, we tried out some new pajamas that Amanda and Ben sent for Christmas.  Her last set of pj's tucked in, so he tried it with these...not exactly the most figure flattering on my daughter, especially with the spiked hair and fussy face!

Hello, pretty girl!

More comparisons...ERS on top, RLS on bottom.  And no, we are not torturing our children!

And again, ERS on top, RLS on bottom.  (Piggy outfit dedicated to Linda Tschappat!  We miss you!)

At what age is it not appropriate to have flowers on your rear end?   This picture tells it all with Rachel - we are forever trying to get the burp out!

"So you're saying there's a benefit to not crying?  I don't get fed if I just look pretty!"

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