Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feeding time at the Shipman house

Rachel is 12 days old today and so far, I've been lucky in the fact that she has slept exactly one hour after Elizabeth wakes up in the morning.  And I am calling it luck because for some reason, as soon as my oldest daughter wakes up, she wants to eat.  "Et! Et!"  She calls for me as she tries to climb her way into the high chair.  And thus begins the mad dash to get something for her to eat while she enjoys her banana appetizer and Special Agent Oso (if you don't know him from the Disney Channel, consider yourself fortunate!).

This morning, I knew I was in trouble when I woke up to both children screaming...which was mostly my fault because my sleeping habits have gone back to heavy since having the baby.  So I change Rachel and strap her into the bouncy chair and then go get Elizabeth out of bed.  Now, my youngest thinks she is starving to death if she doesn't eat IMMEDIATELY when she gets that hunger urge, so she is in hysterics at this point.  I pour some coffee and sit down to nurse her.  And then it begins..."Et!  Et!"  I hear the music of sippy cup being banged against high chair.  My pleas of, "Just wait a minute, honey" are ignored and I hear her begin to scavenge.  "Get out of the trash," I yell from my position on the rocker.  "Et!"  Kitchen cabinets are opened and slammed.  Pots and pans are drug out on the floor.

And then my beautiful child walks in with something in her mouth.  "What are you eating?" I ask, trying not to overreact.  She is always finding crumbs or Cheerios and claiming them before my sweeper does.  She sticks out her tongue and there sits a lady bug.  I almost threw up.  I'm not sure what happened faster - me feeding Elizabeth breakfast or me sweeping the floor.  Is it just Tuesday??!! 


  1. And you thought Sweet Tea was bad????
    Ha, Ha......I love reading your stories
    You should write a book :]

  2. I just gasped so loud. Rest assure big sister that your house is easily one of the most clean and tidy houses. Period. End of story. And it's astonishing that you have a 19 month old and a newborn and keep it that fabulous! Lady bugs are just evil evil creatures that need to be stopped. Especially before your child finds them.