Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Scott's wisdom

I love it when Scott is able to sneak home for lunch with us.  I think we were most spoiled when we were at Gardner-Webb and lived about two miles from campus and could come home and have lunch together.  We've always said that we would like to live closer to where we work so we could enjoy that again.  But anyway, today Scott was close by for work so he stopped and had a sandwhich with me.  Elizabeth had already gone down for her nap so it was just the two of us and he was looking around our ramsacked living room while I fixed egg salad.  I hadn't gotten a chance to pick up the house yet and she had pulled down almost all her books to the floor, looking for the Elmo one to take with her to nap time.  He said, "I love it when I can see her path through the house, almost like the little boy on that cartoon strip, Family Circus."  

I had never thought of my messy house that way, but he was right.  There was a puzzle piece stuck in the corner of the couch and then the siloh was torn off the Fisher Price barn where she'd tried to pull it out onto the rug unsuccessfully.  Of course, you have the books, and then the B was laying in the middle of the rug, next to her shoes and a blanket she'd brought in from her room to lay down and watch her shows on.  The sippy was still on the foot stool, where she set it after she got a drink and the rocking chair was pulled out at an angle in order to reach the buttons for the baby swing.

The thought just made me smile today - the different perceptions of "mess."  He's always said that he didn't care if the house was a wreck when he got home from work because he could see what we'd done all day.  Maybe I care about those things too much - I know they are only this little once.  I pray for the ability to relax and just enjoy my time in the "circus."

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