Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tales from the first week

What an adventure, bringing baby Rachel home - and thank goodness for friends, family and a wonderful husband!  Allison was able to come down to be with Elizabeth when we were in the hospital and the house was still standing when we got back!  She left on Sunday and Chris came in her relief.  Even though I feel so much better physically than I did after Elizabeth's birth, it has been so wonderful to have them here to help.

  Chris and Rachel

Rachel is a good baby and shew, does she sleep!  We had a couple hard nights there before my milk came in but now she's fallen into a pretty good eat-and sleep-and poop pattern.  You forget about those little diaper surprises when your toddler is older.  Last night, we had just gotten her down and I brushed my teeth, climbed into bed next to my sleeping husband, rolled onto my stomach (THANK GOD!), took a deep sigh...and heard a small explosion come from the bassinet.  I got up and looked and my sweet (and now smelly) daughter was sound asleep and (I swear) smiling.  So I had to wake her up to one of the things she hates most...diaper changes. 

Daddy and the girls
Rachel, let me see that Pooh hat...

Elizabeth is a good big sister and is more interested in the baby's stuff than the baby.  She "helps" with diaper changes and will bring me everything she can reach...including the open vaseline jar...after she gives herself a facial...awesome.  She loves the baby swing and gives it big pushes every time she walks by.  Yesterday, she tried to swing her Dora ball and then her blocks.  I tried putting her baby doll in the swing, but that wasn't what she wanted in there.  I'm glad we found a spot where I can see the swing from the living room and kitchen and I'm also glad that the thing has straps, as I can see my baby getting launched by my 19 month old in the not so distant future. Chris is her new best friend, as she can play chase without tiring and will body slam her onto the couch at will.  Oh, things will be sad when it's time for her to go back home!

Playing on the mat for the first time.  Elizabeth is givng Rachel a ball to play with.

Suddenly NOT thrilled to be on the mat!

Someone wanted to take a picture...

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