Monday, March 15, 2010

Mommy's little helper

I am amazed by how much Elizabeth impersonates me.  When she was in the church nursery the other day, she was playing in the play kitchen with a play cell phone propped on her shoulder.  ha!  That's how I cook dinner most nights.  She's really taken on the roll as mama's helper since the new baby has come.  Not to say she doesn't have her share of trying times...

Maybe it's my fault, for needing my house to be clean and picked up...I have really been trying not to let the little things drive me crazy.  This is an example of "Hurricane Elizabeth."  

And you thought Boppy's were just for nursing...I missed the picture of her watching tv, "surfing" on both arms.

Here, she has pulled out her (formerly) clean blanket and sheet out of her drawer.  She brings them in and lays down on top of them and pretends to snore.  Of course, I make snoring sounds with her.  This happens at least twice a day.

She has a slight obsession with her dirty clothes basket.  The other night, she brought her dirty clothes in the kitchen and threw them in the washing machine.  What a good helper!

Speaking of good helpers, that same night, Rachel was crying in her bouncy seat while I was finishing the dishes.  I hadn't gotten to her yet and Elizabeth came running in to see what was wrong.  She looked at Rachel, looked at me, and grabbed the burp cloth and flung it over her shoulder.  She then squared up in front of the chair and started reaching in to grab her sister.  I beat her to the punch and got Rachel and thanked her for caring about the baby...I think that may be one of those mental photographs I keep forever.  

Here is a shot of "little mommy" with her burp cloth.

She wants to see if Rachel wants a piece of the alphabet puzzle.  I guarantee you, it's the B.  Chris got her this wonderful toy that has a million pieces with little pegs on them that we've all stepped on.  Everytime Elizabeth comes in the room, she grabs it and dumps it on the floor, then fishes out the B, which she calls "D."  She runs up to me, "D!"  Holding the B out so I can have it.  "No honey, that's the B," I say.  "B," she answers.  Then runs with it to Rachel, "D!"  You can see why my husband isn't jumping at the chance for me to homeschool our kids...
I love this picture.  This expression is so Rachel.  "What in the world are you doing, kid?!"

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  1. I love that last picture posted, too. And I really enjoyed the story of big sis grabbing the burp cloth and going over to help little sister. So cute!