Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My schedule baby

I don't think I've told you yet that I figured out the answer to Rachel's crabbiness...SHE WAS TIRED!  I had gotten so used to Elizabeth's and my schedule and was running Rachel around with us, that I didn't realize I was sleep depriving my little punkin.  After doing some reading on baby sleep schedules (I fully recommend, Happy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, by Marc Weissbluthm, M.D.), it seemed that her night time fussiness and general sour spirit was due to a lack of naps. 

The solution hasn't been the easiest on me, but having a good-natured baby is well worth the sacrifice.  I set my alarm for 6 a.m....after hitting snooze ten times, I get up and wake Rachel up.  It's not hard because she's a light sleeper.  So normally, she wakes up as soon as I walk in her room.  She eats and plays for two hours and then is back down for a morning nap, which usually lasts for an hour.  (During which, her sister and I battle over whether the baby is up or not and whether she can run into her room or not while I attempt to get dressed.)

We normally go to the Y or gymnastics once she wakes up and then she goes back down for an afternoon nap after we get home.  One more nap follows around 4 or 5 and then she goes to bed at 8.  So, that is a nap every two hours and eating every three.  So she's well-rested and mommy is exhausted!  Ah well!

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  1. I agree - that book has helped us out more than once! We were given a copy before P was born (ie, I had time to read the whole thing!), but I have referenced it several times since!