Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Princess Obsession

Susie started Elizabeth's princess collection...thus leading to her princess obsession.  "Pincess," she tells me EVERY time we see anything with the Disney princesses on it.  A little girl at the Y has a Princess bag that Elizabeth has to point out every morning.  For her birthday, her Grammy bought her a princess hat and blanket.  Well, the blanket hasn't gotten much use because it's been so hot, but today she asked for it at nap time...which resulted in playing with the princess hat this evening...which resulted to the battle over the princess hat.  ha!  Enjoy the pics!

Cranky Elizabeth, emerging from nap time with the princess blanket

Mama!  Hat!
Look, baby!  Hat!
No, no baby!

Baby, Peet-a-boo!!  Whe aw you?!

See baby?  Pincess!

Ha!  No, no baby!  (cue Rachel protest)

Pile on Dada!
My husband, in heaven

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