Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baby talk

I could have cried today when my little girl asked for pizza clear as day.  No "pah-peetz"...  She smiled and said it just like I would have.  *sigh*  I worked with a woman named Lou Jacobs at Spartanburg who told me I needed to keep a video camera on the girls all the time to capture all their little words, gestures and habits we think are so cute now because we'll forget when they get older.  I hate that I didn't get this one...and I feel like I video my kids all the time.  ("I know," you say!  "And we have to watch!")

Speaking of cute little habits, our often-cranky-at-night Rachel has combined her two loves: rolling over and the bath!  She has been known to roll to her side and close her eyes in the bath tub ("Ah, Father...this is soooo comfortable...") but last night was the first time she rolled completely over.  I hate to tell her that as soon as she can sit up, we're throwing her older sister in there with her and her Calgon moments will officially be over!

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