Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mickey Mouse Song

Ok, I just have a second, but had to write about this before I forget it.  One of the reasons I love keeping the blog is that I can put down memories for the girls to have later on.  Anyway...I was just cleaning the house and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse came on.  If you haven't watched Mickey in a while, the theme song has changed completely and it goes a lot faster than the old spelling of Mickey's name.  The rhythm is in straight quarter notes (one beat) with the last letter getting two beats and then two rests before Mouse begins.  So... M - I - C - K - E - Y (hold two beats) (rest, rest) M - O - U - S - E (hold two beats) (rest, rest). 

I swear, my mom must have given Elizabeth singing lessons during her visit, because ever since she left, my child can sing in tune and on rhythm.  So back to this morning...Mickey came on and Elizabeth was playing with Rachel in the exersaucer and singing with the theme song.  I overheard the sweetest thing as she sang to her sister...she threw an "I love you" in the rests.  "M...CK...Y...I ra ra (I love you) M...S...E"  I could have cried!  

The other reason why I love the blog is that I will have evidence of loving moments such as these when they're fighting like cats and dogs as teenagers!  Thanks for reading my mush!

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  1. Darling post! Love it! keep it coming, Annie! ;)