Monday, September 6, 2010

I know, I know!

I've fallen behind!  I'm sure you live for my updates...ha!  We've been tinkering with the nap time process lately, so my mommy-time has been cut down.  My apologies.  Please catch up on my children with the following pictures!

I have officially decided to only shop in stores that have fun shopping carts when I have to take both girls.  These were taken in Publix and the top is like a car with a steering wheel, which Elizabeth loved!  Rachel liked that Elizabeth was facing her, although anything I put in the top of the cart would get thrown down on top of her.  Pasta...wham!  Marshmellows...wham!  Eggs...just kidding!  The downfall is that I have no room in the cart to do any real shopping and it's similar to pushing a semi-truck down the aisles, but kids are happy.  Oh, side note...when I put Elizabeth in the seat, she started driving and put my calculator up to her ear to "talk on the phone"...  perhaps I should question the influence I have on my children!!

Playing defense!
She takes her shoes off every time...I need to start duct taping them on...ha!


Crocodile smile...she's getting ready to roll on top of Rachel.

Little teether
Mom came down to visit a couple weeks ago and I need her to come back because my house is a wreck again!  We love having her here, especially when she volunteers to watch our little children so my husband and I can go on a date!  Now, I know many of you were waiting with baited breath on how Rachel did.  Well...she took the bottle fine.  But we could hear her screaming when we pulled into the driveway at 9:30.  Scott and I had a wonderful time out and walked in and out of a couple bars downtown and listened to some no-name bands.  It was great!  Mom said we were acting like we were going to the prom!

Allergies had me in glasses instead of contacts, but that didn't stop us!

Rachel says, "Why are you just laughing, Babas??  She is mauling me!"

Take 2!
The price that comes with rolling and not wanting to let go of your play mat!
Let's go, Mom!  I'm ready!

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  1. You and Scott are adorable! I love that picture of you good!! Hey, now, i love those glasses, too! Your hair is looking so, Annie, how do you do it all!?!? ;) And the girls are always so fave is the wee girl rolling around trapped in her blankie! So fun!