Wednesday, September 29, 2010

They just say the darndest things...

Random things heard around the Shipman household...

Elizabeth, peeling Rachel's name tag off her back and reading it to me: "R!"

Scott this weekend:   "Woah, when the light comes in the kitchen, you can really see the dirt under the microwave table."
Me:  "I know.  That's why I never open those curtains."

Elizabeth loves going into Rachel's room and waking her up from her naps.  "Mama!  Rachel up!!" she yells for me.  Then, she climbs in her crib to be with her sister.  She knows that this isn't allowed but will think of any excuse to go in there...
"Baby's toy!"  - runs to the door.
"Bubu" (burp cloth) - runs to the door.
Well, this morning, she was "talking" on her play phone to daddy and I hear, "Hi  Otay!"  - runs to the door.

Ah, and my favorite from a while back...Scott had gotten Rachel out of the bath and was cooing to her about what a good bath taker she was.  I hear the following conversation from the kitchen...
"Yes ma'am and you are such a good bath taker." (insert Rachel laugh) "And you smell so good when you get out of the bath, all nice and clean.  Your mommy takes baths at night and she smells clean too.  Sometimes she smells like vanilla...and that's where you came from."

Sigh...  :)

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  1. Funny about Scott telling them where they came smelling like vanilla! ;)

    Here are some words from my house lately: "ropeswinger," "Trashpants," "Ricky Bobby," and so on. I don't know where they get that stuff. Maybe school? Well, and they are related to their dad. haha!