Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gone to Carolina in my Mind...

I feel like it took me all last week to recuperate from the four days we spent in the Carolinas.  Taylor was sweet enough to ride down with us and enable us to visit friends that we haven't been able to see in a year.  We spent the night with the Mason's, Dana and the Swofford's and got to visit with the Campbells', the Epley's, and the McSwain's.  Elizabeth got to play with puppies, kitties ("diddies"), birds, a goldfish and lots of kids...she was in pig heaven!  Thank you so much to everyone who either hosted us or made the trip to see us.  It was such a blessing to get to see everyone.  Enjoy the pictures!

Cheesing with Aunt Dana

ERS playing with the kitties

"Diddies!  Wheh ah you??"

I think she would have spent the entire time at the Swofford's outside if we had let her!

Rachel contemplating if she would rather attempt to chase her sister or eat the grass

"Mom!  A doggie!!"

"Oh, sweet diddy."

"Billy, just let me down for a second!  I just saw a rock I can gnaw on!"

Ah...thank you to the Campbell's for the princess panties and thank you to Donna for putting them on over the sweatpants. 

The girls didn't really care that Chelsey was hurt...that is not a good enough excuse not to play!

At the Swofford's

We love Austin!  She isn't shy to grab a baby!

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