Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day one in a leotard

In the brochures for Nashville, I'm sure they don't tell you that you will have allergies like never before once you live here.  The past two weeks have been full of runny noses and sinus headaches, so I apologize for not updating.  Hopefully the cooler weather will give us some relief. 

I hesitated taking Elizabeth to gymnastics today because she was so miserable last night (snot running down her face, watery eyes, general crankiness).  But after spanking her three times for jumping on my bed, I figured she must not feel THAT horrible.  

I've been dressing her in t-shirts and shorts for class, but after doing the bear crawl on the balance beam brought her shirt to her chin last week, I figured it was time for a leotard.  Her little friend Kensley (or Kensley's mom, Amy) provided a hand-me-down that she had outgrown, so we pulled it out this morning.  

Now, Elizabeth is in a tad of an argumentative stage right now.

"Look at this leotard, Elizabeth!  Do you want to wear it today?"

"Nope, no, no," she answers, with a strenuous head shake.  She pushes past me to get in the closet.  

"Do you want to go to gymnastics?"

"Yeah!  Nastics!  Yay!"

"Then we're wearing the leotard."

So I pull the adorable pink leotard on my child and then pull shorts up to cover her diaper.

"Don't you want to go pee-pee in the potty so you don't have to wear a diaper to gymnastics?"  (Mommy = pushing her luck.)

"Nope, no, no."  And she digs out her tennis shoes and socks.  Well, it's freezing outside so I grab the cutest little fleece sweatsuit to put on top of her leotard.  Pants go on, no problem.  The sweatshirt pulls over her head and has a zipper.  She starts screaming as soon as it goes on.

"Zipper up!"  she cries.  So I pull the zipper to the top, which makes her cry harder.  "I tuck (stuck)!  I tuck!"  

With that, I give up.

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  1. Cute story! She looks like she had fun once she got to "nastics" and could remove said zip-up sweater! ;) Oh, the joys!