Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010!

Can I just begin by saying that Halloween is probably my least favorite holiday?  I've always hated being scared and shelling out money for costumes and candy just isn't my thing.  So Scott and I have agreed that we'll just keep things simple until the girls are old enough to care one way or the other.  

We turned this picture into a postcard for Scott to drop to his clients.  We wrote on the front in orange, Happy Halloween from Scott Shipman and his "ghouls."  Yes, I am a cornball.

Poor Rachel is cutting teeth so she looks stuffy in this picture but I thought she was so cute.  The bib and booties were actually gifts to Elizabeth from Andrea a couple years ago.  The mummy booties crack me up...they're little rattles.  Of course, they were ripped off before we could walk into church.  And yes, I have my daughter in white pants after Labor Day...we work with what we've got!
Susie found this little play princess dress for Elizabeth so we put it on as our costume.  She loved it and the skirt and kept twirling around to show me.  "Mama!  Pincess!" 

 Oh yes, Rachel loved the skirt too.  We also broke out the Easter hat.

Miss Opinionated...Don't even think about putting a princess dress on me, mother...

Unfortunately, the first kid to show up in a mask at our door sent Elizabeth to the hills.  My little helper spent the rest of the night tucked into her daddy's arm, afraid of the doorbell ringing.  So we shut it down early and Scott and I mended our broken heart over our little girl being scared for the first time.  For the record, Rachel just looks scared in this picture.  Shockingly, she was just fussy.

So that was our Halloween this year...short and to the point!  On to Thankgiving and turkey!!  I really do prefer my pumpkin in pie.  :)

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