Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sigh...still potty training...

You know when you're pregnant and people make all kinds of silly comments to you and you feel like you could write a book about things NOT to say to a pregnant woman? (You sure there's just one in there?  You look like you're about to pop!  And my favorite...Weren't you JUST pregnant??!)  Well, I think the same thing goes when a mom is going through the potty training process.  For some reason, people just want to share with me their stories of how EASY their children took to potty training...at 18 months...and never had an accident...actually, all of their children were like that...  

Well let me tell you, that's not our child.  

Last week, I had a stomach bug hit me pretty strong.  Of course, it was the worst on Scott's busiest day at work, so I was at home for 15 hours with the girls just praying not to get them sick.  That was the same day that Elizabeth decided that she didn't want to wear an even-slightly-wet diaper and took them off and threw them away every 10 minutes.  She'd then run in to me, yelling "di-pah chain!" with the new diaper.  I just knew I was going to run out of diapers and have to drag my pukey self with my wild, been-in-the-house-too-long kids to the store.  So we decided that we'd give the potty training another go.

Coincidentally, this was the same night.  I ran Rachel's bathwater and Elizabeth jumped in.  My first double bath!  Elizabeth kept trying to wash Rachel.  Rachel thought the whole thing was awesome!  I don't know what they're trying to grab here...
 Again, we did the no diaper around the house with the potty in the living room.  She screamed every time we put her on the potty.  As I was changing Rachel's diaper, Elizabeth actually picked her potty up and moved it back to the bathroom.  Maybe she'd sit on it there?  No...scream...great.  She really enjoys walking in on me going to the potty though and announcing to anyone that listens that "Mommy pee-pee!"  Then she gets to flush for me.  She loves that part.

So two nights ago, I thought my husband was a genius when our daughter ran out of her bedroom with poo-poo in her hand to give to him.  "Dada, Dada!" she calls.  She had obviously taken her diaper off and fished it out to bring to her daddy because she didn't want to sit in it.  I would have freaked out.  But without blinking, my husband said, "Let's go put that where it goes...in the potty!"  And he marched her down the hall, and let her flush her poo-poo down the potty. She was so excited...and then mad that it didn't earn her any m&m's.

Yesterday, we had her diaper off and were talking about the potty again when I took Rachel into her room to get dressed.  Within a couple minutes, I heard the toilet lid slam and the flusher being jiggled by little paws.  When I went in the bathroom, Elizabeth just smiled at me.  "Mama, poo-poo in potty!"  So I lift up the lid and sure enough, there it is.  She had gone on the floor, picked it up and put it where it went.  After scrubbing her hands for five minutes (which she LOVED) I tried to explain to my two-year-old that you put your poo-poo in the potty, but not with your hands...

I swear, people...I have a master's degree...I should be better than this!

So the adventure continues and I'm still waiting for that ah-ha moment from my daughter.  Until then, hope you enjoy the stories!


  1. hahahahahaha...I'm sorry, Annie! I love the part, "I tried to explain to my two year old that you put your poo in the potty, but NOT with your hands...." She's going to be mortified later in life when she hears these stories. My Jayna hasn't touched her poo yet, and knows to try to avoid the dog's in the yard, but she does like to dip toys in the toilet and play in it when she is supposed to be sleeping in her toddler bed. Fun, huh?!?! So then I get onto her about it in my angry mommy tone of voice, and she cries and says, "I'm sorry, Mommy!" over and over again. Oh, the joys! She's not trained yet, either; however, she did pee in the toilet last night before bathtime. Yay!

  2. Lucky you! Both daughters enjoy waiting until they get into the bath to go pee-pee...even when a certain one (not to name names) has sat on the potty for 10 minutes prior. Little Jayners has good role models!!

  3. P was about 18 months when he STARTED sitting on the potty and going before bath... (he was a little over two when he trained, but he regressed a little when he started a 2 1/2 yo class last year for about the first two weeks). C is 21 months and until about two weeks ago would SCREAM if you sat him on the potty. Ever. Then all of a sudden, he started taking his diaper off and/or running in the bathroom every. single. time. his brother or I went in there. All. day. When you ask him if he needs to go potty, he shakes his head and says, "uh huh." So I undress him from the waist down, get him situated, and he NEVER goes. But he claps for himself, and we go through the whole thing again a little later. Is it wrong that a part of me wishes he would just forgot about the potty til he's ready to actually USE it? :) I would rather wait a little longer to train and have a shorter training period then train early but have it take longer, I think!

  4. LOL! I love your period placement. Hilarious!! C and ERS would be great friends, I think!