Sunday, August 1, 2010

Whoa...where did two years go?

We were warned that time with our kids would go fast.  When Scott and I sat down last night after getting the girls in bed, we started playing the "what were we doing two years ago" game and it sure doesn't feel like that long ago.

Elizabeth Rose Shipman was born August 1, 2008 at 12:15 p.m.  We had been on the "it could be anytime" list since July 4 and I was beginning to wonder if she was every going to come.  Tammy and I walked and walked the block...and then it got to the end of July and I tried running!  The day before she was born, I mowed the grass and pulled weeds in the garden, despite arguments from my husband.   Come to find out, she just didn't want to be born in July because around 12:30 a.m. on August 1, my water broke.  She arrived 12 hours later at 7 lbs, 1 oz.

First picture with mommy
Scott counted ten fingers and ten toes and the journey began.  She was such a good and happy baby.  We were so blessed to have so many friends and family come to visit those first couple weeks.  

Proud daddy

Looking back at these pictures, I can't remember her being that little.  Isn't that funny?  But she's always been on the smaller side.

I love this picture...Scott is exhausted and ERS is in his armpit.

She was named Elizabeth Rose, after our two grandmothers.  One of the greatest moments of my life was asking Grandma Bettie if she minded if we borrowed her name for her great-granddaughter.  

I didn't even notice Butch in the background until I got this printed later.
Today, she is wide-open, as you well know if you follow my blog.  She loves to run and jump...heavy on her heels so it shakes the house.  She likes to sing and her favorite show is Sesame Street.  She has an easy smile and gives the best kisses and hugs.  I started crying, counting my blessings this morning in church and told Scott how amazing God is for creating this little girl who frustrates me so much one second and then melts my heart the next. 

This is her birthday present and she loves it!  Our little cooker.  Scott put it together for her last weekend.  Today, we just had a simple family party with pizza and cake.  She had to settle for her mommy's Betty Crocker creation since her Aunt Allison wasn't here to make a professional one.

Our first experience with candles!  She didn't understand the "blow them out" part so daddy helped her.  

Mmmmm...cake.  Butchy says, "You can just put those scraps out here, Mom!"

Daddy helping Rachel flex in her muscle onesie, doing his impression of one of Aunt Dana's favorite Joe Dirt scenes.  (sigh...!)  I think Elizabeth has eaten all the icing off here.

After the festivities, it's my turn to eat!!  Peas please!!

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  1. I love your post on ERS! So special and you are blessed! Happy Birthday to your big girl! I especially like the picture of her in your husband's armpit...she looks soooo tiny!