Thursday, July 29, 2010


Not that it surprises me that my daughters both know exactly what they want.  I told Scott that it was the curse that comes with having me stay home with them!  I've been trying to get Elizabeth to talk more and to tell me what she wants before the fit comes out.  Her language skills are getting better, although I'm not sure which scares me more...the fact that I can't understand half of what she says or that I'm the only one that understands the other half.

Examining the dishes.  I'm not sure why we needed sunglasses on in the house...
 This really all started with Scott asking her which pj's she wants to wear at night.  They would go through the whole drawer until she saw what she wanted.  Now, it's a no-brainer that she wants to wear the silky princess jammies her grammy got her.  So after hearing the nightly debate, I started asking her what she wants to eat during the day.  

"Ummm..."  (she answers every question with a long ummmm...)  "Pi-peetz?"  Her intonation is asking but her expression is all demanding as she nods her head as if to talk me into her request for pizza.  Today, I finally gave in and she made the trip to the deep freezer to get the little mini pizzas I buy her for Friday dinners when we all get to eat something other than Mommy's cooking.

I lost my head for a moment this morning and asked her which shirt she wanted to wear.  We went through the entire closet until she said yes to a pink tank top with a zebra on it that Miss Alice gave her last summer.  She seemed happy with it until I pulled out the matching shorts.  Her brow furrowed (are these my kids or what?!) and I told her to deal with's an outfit and she'll wear one with the other.  After 20 minutes of outfit picking, I won't go through that again!

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  1. Oh, this made me laugh! I've started giving choices so the boys get to "pick" things, but I've (secretly) set limits. =) ("Do you want to wear your orange Thomas the Tank Engine shirt or the blue one?") I prefer to call my boys strong willed, rather than stubborn, and like you, I certainly have NO idea where that came from. =) On particularly tantrumy days, I do remind myself that this "mind of their own" will help when peer pressure sets in... I hope!