Thursday, July 8, 2010

The joys...

Holy's been a week!  The last thing I've had time to do is sit and write, but now I need the therapy, so I will update you on my children.  When I say Elizabeth is wide open, I mean that she is WIDE OPEN!  Scott and I have decided to look into some sort of gymnastics program for her because she is on full speed ahead all the time.  Her favorite game (as of late) is to take off in a sprint in the complete other direction whenever you ask her to do anything.  

"Elizabeth, can you get me a burp cloth?"  ZOOM!  To the kitchen!

"Elizabeth, can you sit on the potty?"  ZIP!  To the bedroom. 

It's never-ending.  Especially at bath time, when she becomes (cue superhero theme music), the naked streaker!

We've been trying to perfect our nighttime routine in order to get Rachel-exhausted-cranky-pants down a little bit sooner.  So Scott has been giving her a bath first while I do the dishes and then I take her and nurse her and put her down while he gets Elizabeth in the tub...which is a process.  As soon as her clothes comes off, she comes running down the hallway into the living room (FYI: opposite end of the house from the bathroom, surprise, surprise).  She jumps up onto the couch, holds onto the back and jumps up and down as hard as she can.  As soon as Scott walks in, she rolls off and sprints into the kitchen.  There, she stops.  She cannot get enough of looking at herself in the reflection of the stove.  Scott does the best imitation of her, standing there with her belly sticking out, singing to her reflection.  Two nights ago, he walked in after her and, as he turned to go back to the tub, I heard, "By any chance did you spill a lot of liquid in the kitchen?  You know...right in front of the stove?"

The naked streaker, strikes again!

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  1. Oops! Sounds like fun at bedtime for your house! ;) It'll come in time...just keep up the routine, right?!?

    Jayna is taking a tumble class at the Y starting in two weeks. I can't wait to see how excited she'll be since she loves to be very physical.