Friday, July 23, 2010

Approaching the two's...

I refuse to call them terrible.  I just can't bear the thought of this household becoming more chaotic.  (Ha!  I should have thought of that before having kids, right??!)

This is my teenager look...
We have about a week until ERS turns two, but you'd never know it.  The kid is crazy...for some reason, especially after dinner.  I mean,  you would think that we hooked her up on an IV of straight sugar water, the way she runs around when she gets out of her high chair.  I'm sure it has something to do with us changing up the routine and getting Rachel ready for bed first...our baby just needs to get to bed earlier.

Two nights ago, Scott walked in on her pulling off the entire roll of toilet paper.  Once caught, she ran into the baby's room and pulled the changing pad off the dresser, laid on it and proceeded to attempt to buckle herself in.  When she couldn't figure that out, she opted to just jump up and down on it.

Yesterday morning, she did the same thing.  Well, I knew what she was doing, so I didn't walk in the room right away.  Little did I know that she had taken the just-opened container of wipes and pulled every single one of them out.  Why yes...I was nursing the baby at the time...  You catch on quick to my child!

Who, me?!

Thanks to Fisher Price and their dang toys that teach pushing buttons, turning dials and pulling levers, she can now (and will) turn on the dishwasher and washer and dryer.  There are parts of her development that are so sweet though.  She asks for hugs all the time and will say bye-bye and wave at people we pass.  She has gotten really shy and will hug my leg when we enter pretty much any place and will attempt to hide her face behind her arm.  She loves to sing with the radio, and most of the time will sing the ABC song to any song that's playing.  Surprisingly, she has gotten a lot better with Rachel and loves to make her roll over on the mat.  Sometimes she tries to roll on her.  Of course, Rachel has gotten so big, she can pretty much hold her own with her big sister.

Rachel: Mom, you know what's going to happen...why are you just standing there?
 But last night tops the cake.  My poor husband fell prey to the worst ERS episode yet...  I was in the kitchen and he had just finished buttoning Rachel's pj's when he heard a splash.  Normally, he just leaves the bathwater in the tub and adds some more for Elizabeth's bath.  He thought, "I'm sure Elizabeth is just playing in Rachel's bathwater."  Oh no...

I hear him yell from the kitchen.  He walked in the bathroom to find Elizabeth STANDING IN THE TOILET WITH THE TOILET BRUSH.  Upon seeing her daddy, she raised the cleaning-tool-she-knew-she-wasn't- supposed-to-have high over her head so the toilet water dripped down in her hair.  "Dadda, dadda," she tried to hand him the brush.  Upon the sound of his yell, I started walking down the hall,  nd like any good mother and wife, I took the baby and let him deal with our oldest. 

She told me I could have them!

Sigh...and now my time to write is over, as my daughter is covered with oatmeal and yogurt (her choice of breakfast).  She abandoned her spoon long ago and is now informing me that she is "wet."  Of course, it doesn't help that she is just taking huge fist fulls of oatmeal and is dumping them into her empty yogurt container.

Weekend!  Are you here yet??

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  1. IN the toilet!?! IN it?!?! WOW! Oh NO!! :) :) :) I feel for you. Haven't had that one happen, but Jayna did dip a stuffed animal into the toilet that was promptly thrown away. Shew! Okay, well, your stories are always hilarious. THanks for sharing! And great pictures of the girls together!!