Friday, July 23, 2010


We hit the road again last week to head back home to introduce Rachel to Jason and Lynn and Grandma and Papap.  The trip was long, but the girls were so good and rolled with the punches well.  I have to tell you, I am entirely in debt to my friends and family that help us get anywhere.  For this trip, Mom flew down to Nashville and drove up to WV with us and then to PA to see Grandma.  Andrea followed us in order to bring Mom back so we could visit with Jason and Lynn in Wheeling.  In the meantime, Scott flew into Pittsburgh and drove us back.  Both Chris and Andrea have sacrificed their time and cars to travel with us.  I am just so thankful for their help.  I'm just not confident in my ability to travel with the girls by myself until Elizabeth will listen and obey.  And who knows when that will be!

But anyway, I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted on this trip, so I don't have a ton to share.  It was so wonderful to see everyone and to be able to throw Mom a surprise 60th birthday party!!  Allison and Andrea made the decorations and Chris helped with the food.  Of course, Allison made an awesome cake and we had about 20 people come.  Elizabeth began the party pretty low-key but geared up into her normal self by the end of it.  She must have run up and down that little ramp a million times.  By the end, her feet must have hurt because she was scooting up and down it on her butt.  I thought I would never get those shorts clean!

Rachel with Grandma and Papap.  I kept hoping she's put her hand down on top of theirs for the photo opportunity, but she was too busy chewing on it.

Elizabeth was shy around them but played well.  She wasn't too keen on sitting on laps.
We hid out at Chris and Terry's house while I fixed the potato salad and slaw for the party.  Chris suffered through playing with my children.  And yes, Elizabeth is chewing on a golf club. 

Mom and Rachel at the party.  You can hear Elizabeth in the background.
What can I say?  She is her father's daughter!!

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