Thursday, July 8, 2010

Little Miss Noodle Nose

It's only fitting that this experience happened on Andrea's birthday.  Last night, I heated up Elizabeth spaghetti for dinner.  She was starving and has been battling a little cold, so she started eating like her life depended on it.  My back was to her and I heard her cough and then scream. very sad that I knew exactly what happened...she had sucked a noodle up her nose.

23 years ago, I experienced the same thing when my baby sister sucked a noodle up her nose after we'd gone swimming.  She screamed the exact same way and my mom was able to pull it out with a pair of tweezers.  Elizabeth had a macaroni noodle up her nose once last summer (she sneezed it out...gross) and my husband went through most of his adolescent life with a stick up his nose.  Therefore, we are somewhat "nose experts" and got her out of the high chair and onto the bed.  I grabbed Rachel's snot-sucker and went to work. Elizabeth flailed...she kicked...she screamed.  Scott had her head and I was laying on the legs of my poor baby girl.  Thankfully, she sneezed out the end and we were able to pull it out in one piece. 

Also thankfully, for you, I did not take pictures.


  1. I would be so scared and have to make Brent take care of it! Sorry to hear about this!!

  2. when i was a baby i took apart a clicky pen and stuck the spring up my nose. it took my mom ages to get it out. i turned out fine =)