Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bye-bye high chair!!

I've been meaning to get Rachel in the high chair full time for a while now and I've also been meaning to get Elizabeth a booster chair.  Kind of like I've been meaning to pluck my eyebrows and scrub the bathtub for two days...What?  You can relate?  Crazy!

Scott is gone for a meeting in Florida (our first time without Daddy home...a little hard on Mommy!) and I was trying to figure out how I was going to swing dinner by myself with one hungry toddler and one CRANKY baby.  That's when the "duh" moment hit me just to put Elizabeth in the chair.  Novel, right?  One phone book and she was perfect.  Oh, and did she ever think she was hot stuff.  Rachel didn't think it was a good idea at all- see her in the background, screaming her lungs out?  

I probably added fuel to the fire by giving Rachel green beans = not her most favorite meal, but it was what I had. She could really care less about her sister's accomplishment, she just doesn't understand why Mommy won't PICK HER UP!!  

Of course, now I can't go back to a booster chair if I wanted to; Elizabeth is so proud of being able to sit at the table.  Something tells me this is going to tug at her daddy's heart strings when he gets home.  This was her this morning.

Ok, and now I am off to scrub my bathtub.  Happy Thursday!

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  1. So cute! YAY for Elizabeth! I haven't tried that with Jayna, but she climbs up in Carly and Adam's seats a lot and I have to move her to the high chair. Just not ready for her to be able to walk all over the house with grungy fingers before I get a chance to wipe them off! I am so sad! haha