Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day one of jumping and flipping

I am officially on the other side of the lesson spectrum...it's too soon to tell you how much I like it!  We went to our first class at ETC Gymnastics today.  I had heard good things about them - it's a Christian centered gym with some pretty competitive older classes.  They also give you the first class free, so Scott and I figured there wasn't much to lose.  Elizabeth's class was called the Little Dippers and it was for 2-3 year olds.  

Let me just tell you...it was an experience.

There were three in Elizabeth's class and she was by far the youngest.  She's never been in a situation that she's had to sit and listen before and you could tell it was challenging to her.  The poor instructor was so patient.  She had the kids all sit on little mats and try to stretch.  Elizabeth stood up.  She'd ask them to sit on their mats and watch the one kid working on the apparatus.  Elizabeth jumped up and ran off.  When it wasn't her turn, she cried.  Oh yes...that was my kid.  It took every ounce of will-power in me to not go out there and spank her butt.  I certainly didn't want to be "that mom"...well, not on the first day, at least.  ha!

They got to jump on the trampoline and do somersaults down a wedge looking thing.  She got to walk across a balance beam.  She had a blast.  Actually, by the end of the 45 minutes, she was starting to sit when she was asked to sit and listen...well, listen a little bit.  And when they came out and I went to put her shoes on, she screamed bloody-murder.  I talked to her instructor (Miss Amy) and she thought that maybe we should try another free lesson (WOO HOO!) and see how she does.  I think she could sense my hesitancy with my, "Well...what do you think?"

On the other hand, Rachel was great and enjoyed looking at the other little brothers and sisters and the kids jumping.  Elizabeth got a stamp on her hand at the end that she has shown me every five minutes since we've gotten home.  We'll definitely try it again.  Enjoy the videos!

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  1. Precious! She is a natural, I can tell. And ya know what? I STILL cant sit still and listen to adults =P