Saturday, August 7, 2010


Well, I have to report in on the first day of swim lessons.  I wasn't there to witness it first hand - I was able to schedule a lesson in the morning (yay!) so I helped Scott get the girls ready and then he took them to the Y.  The class is a parent-child class and is just for 2 to 3 1/2 year olds.   I think it runs for 7 weeks every Saturday morning. The class consisted of another little girl who was just over three and her mom and the poor teenager who had to deal with our child as her student.

Mommy's bathing beauties

Scott said that they were there a little early and had to wait on the pool deck, which didn't go over so well with Elizabeth.  ("But Dad!  The pool is RIGHT THERE!  WHY ARE WE JUST STANDING HERE?")  The instructor went over rules of the pool, which I'm sure means a whole hill of beans to a two year old.  Then they put on life preservers.  As soon as Elizabeth got hers on, she started yelling, "I tuck!  I tuck!" (i.e. stuck).  Although she warmed up to it once she figured out she could swim wherever she wanted to with the thing on.  

Elizabeth at 10 months, swimming with Mommy and the Campbells

They had a lesson in blowing bubbles and the instructor put a blow-up dolphin in the water for the kids to blow across.  Of course, Elizabeth just kept picking hers up and handing it to Scott.  "Fish."  She went under the water and was able to come back up on her own and kicked her little legs like a champ.  They stayed and played in the pool afterward and my husband was blessed by the experience with his little girl.

Tuesday, we try gymnastics...  As my child has begun catapulting herself off the armrest of the couch onto the cushions, I'm not sure how wise this move is for us, but we have to start somewhere... 


  1. Sounds like fun! I can totally hear her staying "I tuck!" for "I'm stuck!" Too cute! We haven't tried swim lessons with Jayna yet. But she did start gymnastics two weeks ago. The first lesson was hectic because (like Elizabeth wanting to jump right in the water and not wait!), Jayna did not want to do warm-ups at the beginning or end of class. She just wanted to run around and do the exercise equipment. Her favorites are the uneven bars and the trampoline. She did not like the balance beam at all, and wouldn't even stay on it. I don't think it was a afraid-of-heights issue, either. Can't wait to hear how ERS handles gymnastics! (I think Jayna is my most athetic of all the kids...something just tells active and well-balanced as she is....)

  2. PS - I really like her little ruffle two piece suit!