Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Catching up!

I swear, if my children would stop boycotting naps, I would be able to keep this thing updated a whole lot easier!  This is going to be a hodge-podge of thoughts (sorry!).  Maybe I can get a more focused post out later in the week...but at the rate this week is going, I doubt it!

No naps
As I said before, my children have decided that naps are for the birds.  This leads to rather interesting afternoons and just the most fascinating melt-downs you've ever seen!  I thought I would try bringing them both to our bed to lay down and watch cartoons (I shake my head as I read this).  Unfortunately, Elizabeth has always just seen our bed as the best trampoline in the house, so there was no sleeping.

 Until snack time...

Board books are for Babies!
Elizabeth has also declared that board books are for babies and she only wants to read the paper ones (banned before because she was a well-known page ripper).  I finally gave in yesterday and moved them down a shelf so she can read them all the time.  

You'll notice they are all pulled down and all of the board books are still stacked neatly.  Well, except for Grumpy Gloria...it's still on the shelf.  I'm not sure why it didn't make the cut.  She's not been doing too bad with them, although I laugh out loud every time she reaches for Peter Pan ("poo poo pah!").

Round two of gymnastics was today and we had been practicing all week.  Here she is, showing me how to touch her toes...HA!
So we pull up to the place and she gets excited because she remembers last week.  I gave the make-sure-you-listen-to-Miss-Amy talk and asked her if she's going to be a good girl.  Of course, she said, "Yeah" and wiggled out of her car seat.  

The beginning of the class went great!  She sat on her mat.  She stretched with the other kids.  She only jumped up once to run over to the mat to start jumping.  And then Miss Amy's helper came (smart move by her for a class of 2-3 year olds!).  For some reason, Elizabeth was freaked out by him and didn't want to go to any of his stations.  She opted to go back to her mat and wait her turn for Miss Amy's station to come back around.  *Sigh* So at least there is improvement.  Oh, and they didn't get on the trampoline today, so she wasn't as sad to leave.  I forgot my camera too, so I'm sorry for no videos!

Baby on the move and grove
I know I posted to Facebook but I'm not sure I wrote on here that Rachel is now rolling back to belly...which means watch out world!  They put her down on the mat at the nursery yesterday and she was a little roly poly with the other babies.  She hasn't tried to go anywhere yet, but I'm sure it won't be long!
Dating My Husband
Thank you for all of you who offered advice on my "You may be right" post.  You will be happy to know that we have made plans to leave both girls with my mom the next time she comes down...over bedtime... (shudder running down my spine).  I figure that will be a good test to see how Rachel does and, if she screams the whole time, my mom will still love her anyway!  (Grandmas have to, right?!)

I've committed so much to this idea that I purchased a gift certificate to a bar and grill in downtown Nashville on the water.  Now, listen to this deal.  I got it through restaurant.com...a $25 gift certificate for $2!!!  They were having a super sale and yesterday was the last day for it (I know...should have posted sooner...sorry!).  Woo-hoo!!

Now, to see if I can fit my way back into my jeans before then...

Just because they are cute...

All I ask is for a cute picture of both my kids smiling...is that too much to ask?!  They were so sweet until I whipped out my camera, at which time they develop this "fine mom" look.   Lucky for us, Miss Frankie and Mr. Steve presented Elizabeth with the noisiest little Elmo camera for her birthday that she loves to play  with right as Rachel is falling asleep (without fail!!).  So maybe that will help us figure out what the camera is for.   

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