Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This n That...

So you mommy veterans failed to warn me that the day after Halloween crash was far worse than the buzz of after-trick-or-treating euphoria.  I swear, it was like my oldest was possessed by some hateful, no listening, malicious three-year-old yesterday.  We just had a spectacular time all day, falling and skinning knees, riding bikes too far down the road, pushing and kicking siblings...  So needless to say, the Halloween candy is getting trashed today.  I'm already done with it.  I've frozen all I think I can work into cookies in the future but clearly my children's attitude (and my drastically increasing pregnancy poundage) doesn't need it.  

Do I feel bad about this?  No I do not.  Candy has zero nutritional value and my children tend to lose dessert daily by either not listening or eating dinner, so guess who eats it?  The  same person who, yesterday, had two bags of peanut m&m's and three kit kats...  Oh yes...that would be me...  

Elizabeth Rose, burning off some energy in a productive manner.  This is one of her favorite things to do:  rake leaves.  Who am I to argue?

Then playing a rousing game of Stomp the Sister...
Speaking of no sugar...did anyone make it through the 30 days and live to tell about it?  I will share with you what I realized through the month adventure:  that I have no boundaries when it comes to sweets.  I swear, if I could just eat one cookie or piece of candy, I'd be fine...but I cannot.  So I'll probably continue to limit my intake simply because I do feel better and have noticed a difference in my complexion - plus it really made me second think what I was eating instead of just throwing everything into my mouth.

I say this as I just ate 3 mini kit kats writing this.  I swear, it's going in the trash now.  

Which brings me to my next nutritional adventure:  limiting sodium.  Do you know what I snacked on when I couldn't have sugar?  Snacks...salty ones...  Crackers, chips...these became the things that now had no limit.  I admittedly CRAVE them right now, which is a major problem considering that I am retaining water like a sponge.  So, after talking to Scott about it, I decided to take out all the obvious salty things in my diet starting yesterday...

And last night, I felt amazing.  No swelling at all.  No itchy legs.  It was heaven.  So if I can just get over the cravings of wanting to eat chips with sandwiches and crackers with soup, I'll be ok.  I'm not asking you to join me on this one because you may not be ballooned up like a pregnant whale.  But if you are, you may be a cracker-a-holic like myself.

And speaking of pregnant whales... :)

Tomorrow, we get to see our little punkin.  And I.cannot.wait.  I still don't feel it all the time, so to just know that it's doing ok and is healthy will be such a blessing.  And to know WHAT it is...although Elizabeth has given us fair warning that she simply cannot wrap her head around it being a boy.  


My friend Susie is being a saint and is going to keep the girls for us so we can enjoy the ultrasound without pinning down two sets of wandering mitts.  I shall certainly let you know what we find out!  Thanks for coming along the adventure with us!

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  1. If only it was summertime you could snack on as much watermelon as you wanted... it's great for when you are bloating (and tastes great too!). Perhaps grapes, string cheese, or baby carrots? Unsalted nuts?

    P.S. We have chocolate bunnies left over from Easter. Who in their right mind would allow a two-year-old to eat a chocolate bunny? I have been promising myself that I'd make chocolate fondue... maybe I should follow your example and just throw it out.