Monday, November 21, 2011

Stuff running through my head...

We just got back from our pre-holiday excursion up to see my family...and when I say "we" I mean the girls and me...and the DVD player, thank goodness.  Scott couldn't take off work and really, we are fine to travel, although you wouldn't believe the looks you get as a pretty pregnant woman walking into a truck stop with two toddlers.  

Today, we are happy to be home safe and sound, but I have to admit that my head is a little fuzzy.  So don't expect anything earth shattering here, my friends.  

Because of our traveling, I took a week off working out and decided to eat my weight's worth of brownies and cookies at my mother's house instead.  So much for my staying off sugar kick - I blew it all.  What is it about going home that makes you want that stuff?  Therefore, it is not surprising that my legs each felt like they weighed 50 lbs apiece on the treadmill.  Although, I was able to run for 20 perhaps the week off wasn't completely horrible...we'll see what my hips say tomorrow.

And speaking of hips...

I weigh in every day.  I know you're not supposed to, but I am really trying to keep my weight under control while carrying this little guy and I'll write a post about my opinions on pregnancy weight gain when my thoughts are more together, but for the purposes of this random series of thoughts, it's important for you to know that I venture on the scales at the Y.  Every day.  And I was a little nervous after afore-mentioned brownies that I would be above the dreaded 150 mark.  Now, don't get me wrong here, it's not a bad number, but I was never at 150 before I began this pregnancy streak.  

Normally, at 5'3", I stay around 130.  A little lighter in the summer, a little over in the winter.  That's been me since probably the 9th grade.  So I always dread when the nurse at the dr's office has to slide that little marker on the scale up to the 150 mark to read my weight.  Well, today, I was sure I had hit it.  I mean, I was dreading it.  So I stood on the scale and slid that little top grove all the way to the end...and it didn't move or hint downward at all.

Oh no, I was WAY over.  

Then, I happened to notice that the little bottom notch thingy was only on the 0, not the I happily moved that puppy over and realized that I was still under the drop zone.

For now.

Which means I am totally legitimate in eating this handful of chocolate chips... :)

I swear, back to the no sugar tomorrow...or after Thanksgiving...I am human after all.  

And speaking of things that stick to my thighs, I'm trying out these Reebok shoes with the little balance things on the bottom.  I think they're called RunTones and I never thought that I would buy leg toning shoes, but I was in the market for new running shoes and found these for a terrific deal.  I figure if they can do anything with this fast-forming flub, they are well worth it.  I'll let you know... have you ever tried any of the toning shoes?  These had good reviews and were highly rated for their comfort, so we'll see!

Also along the random front, I just have to tell you that Rachel can now say her name.  It is the most precious little sound in the world...something like Rah-too...but she is very proud of herself.  The girls are thrilled to be home and have their daddy back, even though they had a great time with the grandparents, aunts, and friends.  They got to open a couple early Christmas presents and received a little toy power drill from one of their grandmas.  It was a huge hit and Elizabeth couldn't wait to get home to show her daddy how she had tools just like him.

It really is cute and has a little block with bolts and screws that you can turn and then flip a switch to take out.  My little Bob the Builders love it.

So I wasn't surprised when, this morning, I heard the drill start up while I was fixing oatmeal.  Pretty soon, Rachel woke up and upon coming down the stairs, went through her cranky, wake-up period and then wandered in to find her sister.  

"Hey Rachel!"  Elizabeth said excitedly when she saw her.  "Wanna come in and screw with me?"

I almost spit coffee out my nose. 

And because, I could never top that, I will sign off and promise to write more coherent thoughts tomorrow.  ;)  Well, that and if anyone is Googling "butt toning shoes, brownies and screw" this post will pop right up.  I'm not sure that was a life goal of mine, but I do find it pretty funny. 

Have a great night!

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  1. For the longest time, both my girls thought their name was Katie... It wasn't until these last two months or so that Claire has had her own name. "Claw". I love how tiny tots talk :)