Monday, November 28, 2011

Desk Makeover

If you can't figure out why we haven't done too much work around the new house here, I will give you two little guesses...

Yeah, I know...I can't imagine either.

But if you can remember my Obsessing Post earlier this month, you may recall my husband knocking out a certain honey-do project on my desk.  And boy, did it need some work.

You see, I am a stacker - always have been.  I put things in stacks to go through later.  I have stacks to go through now.  I have stacks of recipes, coupons, books to name it, I stack it.  It would make my life so much simpler if I would just learn to take care of things as they come or put them away as I tend to them...but I don't.  Well, my stacks had taken over the desk area in our kitchen.

Oh, and if you think that is a sight, you should just look behind those cabinet doors there... *shudder.*  So I had asked Scott if he could go into the cabinet and take out the center shelf, move the printer up on the lower shelf and drill a hole for the cords to come through.  In doing so, we realized that the doors wouldn't close because the printer was too big.

So, my wonderful husband removed the doors.

And all that was inside...

 Elizabeth playing amongst my stacks...

And after a little organization and elbow grease...

TAH-DAH!!  So much better!  I could actually bring the shredder that was hiding underneath the desk on top - eliminating the "needs to be shredded" pile.  I also spent a little bit of money at Hobby Lobby for the organizers for the shelves - they now hold printer paper, crayons, coloring books, stickers, etc. 

The basket on the top shelf is now hiding my stack of coupons and my cookbooks actually have room to stand up.  I was able to slide the baby monitor beside the printer and that is one of my favorite features because I get to hear Rachel sing and talk herself to sleep.

My best friend sent me a labeler as a house warming present...she really "gets" me...

Now, here's where I need your help.  This mountain of cords behind the laptop still bugs me and I need a solution for that eye sore there.  I looked at the Container Store...isn't that the most wonderful place on the face of this earth?  I was actually shocked that they didn't have a solution.  I was thinking some sort of raised box that I could cover them and then stack something else on...ha!  Just kidding...sort of...  

I'm also going to do the back wall in cork so I can just tack notes up there.  I just haven't gotten around to that part yet.  

So now you can picture where I'm sitting as I tell you my stories, as if you were dying to know.  Thank you to my wonderful husband for taking care of this project for his pregnant, obsessive wife.  Tomorrow, I'll show you another kitchen project.  

But seriously...any ideas on the cords??

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  1. Get a pretty basket, cut a hole for the cords to go through, and cover over with decorative fake fruit or cookbooks or something. My stepmother puts the speakers for her surround sound down in baskets with pretty fabric lining... you can probably adapt the idea for this one. Or you could use twist ties to make them somewhat more organized? A colorful tube of fabric to feed them through might also be pretty. Good luck!