Thursday, September 27, 2012

Christmas Shopping with Elves...

I know it's been forever and, while I'm tempted to go into a long diatribe on how busy I've been and just not really all that inspired to write and share my adventures, I shall instead jump right back into our previous relationship like we never skipped a beat...



So today, I had to haul the three amigos to Target.  We all had colds and some form of bad attitude since Scott had been out of town, so I we loaded it up to the most wonderful place on earth for a little retail therapy. 

This was on a former trip to Target, but you get the idea of how we roll...

Ideally, I hadn't really wanted to go to the toy section, but had promised the girls Play Dough because I'm crazy and really don't care for my carpets.  Walking through, I naturally glanced by the clearance aisle and noticed a Barbie bath toy before Elizabeth did.

For 75% off.  

I know.  

Rachel was chirping about Hello Kitty and Elizabeth was trying to prime me for a Dora doll so I just casually strode over and grabbed the large box with BARBIE stamped all over it and slid it under the cart.

Have I mentioned that we have developed a severe Barbie obsession?  It's a joy, let me tell you.  We have books, movies, dolls and can sing ALL the songs on cue.  And I have envisioned most things pink under the tree this year - which does not come cheap, let me tell you.

So we continued on our trek to get new filters for our humidifiers (told you we were snotty) and just as I found the one I was looking for, it began.

"Mama, is that Barbie under the cart?  IT IS!  IT IS BARBIE!!  Why did you get that Barbie, Mama??"  

"That's a gift, Elizabeth.  Leave it alone."

"But it looks like a...ooooo!  It's a mermaid Barbie!!  Who is it for..."

(And then, in her own 4-year-old SQUIRREL moment)  "Mama!  There's Dora!  Can we get Dora??"

Thankfully, we survived to the checkout and there were yet more Barbie things in the grab-it aisle, which she begged for while I sneaked the goods onto the conveyer.

So the point of my story?  

Well, to tell you that toys are on sale at Target...along with swim stuff and pretty much anything else summer related... and also to ask you for your best shopping for THEM while THEY are along tale.

Really, please make me laugh.  Meanwhile, I'll be scrubbing this germy house.

Oh, and hiding Christmas presents...

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  1. but momma, i didn't know it was a present...