Saturday, September 29, 2012

Building up a marriage - one squat at a time

Top ten reasons to workout with your spouse

1.  "Free" date -

2.  Helps practice restraint - I'm tempted to be a chatty Cathy

3.  Breaking a sweat together makes you think about breaking a sweat together.

4.  Mixes it up.

5.  Few arenas I can pat my husband's rear end in a public place.  After a good squat is one of those times

6.  Reminds me why I love him -

"Shew, my legs feel like jello"
*Stares at me like I have three heads*  "I attempt to feel like that every day."

7.  Builds respect.  At least for me, there's not a lot of opportunities to truly build respect for my husband other than watching him work.  I used to feel this way watching him coach and now as I watch him be a daddy (since I don't see him at his job). 

8.  Provides yet another goal we can work towards together.

9.  Splitting a fruity, delightful post workout shake

10.  Displays a positive example for your kids. 

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