Thursday, January 5, 2012

Comments heard from beneath the countertop

Just a couple random conversations heard among my little people...

Duh, Daddy

Our Y is awesome and has a wonderful children's nursery.  Especially in Elizabeth's age group, they do crafts and play outside whenever they can so it's a great experience for them - which makes me feel not at all guilty for dropping them off to go get an hour to myself.  So last night, we went during the evening hours and ran up to the door as I came in to pick her up, so proud of the picture she had drawn.  I really didn't ask her much about it, but she continued to tell me all the way home how she was going to bring it inside to show Daddy.  

"I can't wait to show Daddy."  "Daddy will be sooooooooooooo happy with this picture."

So we get home and Scott was working at the kitchen table and Elizabeth ran right up with her picture.  Taking her onto his lap, he looked at the picture, praising her work.  Then he said, gently (as every parent does to a 3-year-old who consistently draws jibberish), "Now honey, tell me what this is here."  

Elizabeth looked at him point-blank, shrugged, and said,  "Oh you know, Dad, just a bunch of pink and purple squiggly lines.  That's all."

And that was all.  So much for Picaso, folks.

Rach's New Name

The reason why we went to workout later yesterday was because we had a play date earlier in the day.  My friend Susie has three little girls, all around our ages, and we try to get together about once a week because the girls scatter through the house and leave us with nothing to do but have coffee and actual adult conversation.

So, like any time your kids play with other kids, they seem to come home with a new piece of vocabulary or something random that you've never heard before and last night was no different.  Getting ready for bed, Elizabeth suddenly started referring to her little sister as "Rach" and must have thought that sounded smooth coming off the tongue because she continued over and over.

Without skipping a beat, the young one would auto-correct her every time, adding an "-el" to the end of the statement.

"Hey Rach..."


"I really like those pj's, Rach..."



For about a month, Rachel has molded Scott and me into one term: Mama-Daddy.  

As in "Tank-ew, Mama-Daddy."  "I wuv ew, Mama-Daddy."  And many other absolutely adorable phrases.  She is a talker and is really more advanced than Elizabeth was at this age, which I'm sure is normal for a second child who has to compete with an older sister for air time. 

I'm not sure what made her link us up, but it is definitely her thing of the moment.

At the same time, Elizabeth has grown quite fond of saying the evening prayer before dinner.  Upon joining hands, if you don't jump on thanking God, she'll do it for you.  Not that we mind, as our little girl has shown quite an open heart and giving spirit - two things we want to nurture.  

Well, of course, Rachel has begun to want to say the prayer too.  Most of the time, upon Elizabeth's Amen, little sister yells out her signature, "ME DO IT!" and closes her eyes tight for a couple seconds, followed by a robust "AMEN."  

The other night, she squeezed her eyes closed a little longer than usual so I tried prompting her.

I whispered, "Thank you, God."

To which she repeated, "Tank you,God-Mama."

And I thought, Lord, that's a pretty high complement in this house!  

What Sound Does it Make?

Elizabeth has the uncanny ability to think of every animal that makes no noticeable sound and ask me to mimic it.  

"Mama, what sound does a lady bug make?"
"Mama, what does a giraffe say?"

And my favorite came the other night...

"Mama, what does a wildebeest say??" 

*sigh*  Have a great day!

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  1. Great stories! I especially like the one about her art. I am always afraid to ask my kids (when they are that little) what they have drawn...cause I think they feel badly when I can't tell what it is. So that is awesome that she said that!!!! :)