Monday, December 5, 2011

The week ahead...

Very soon, we head to Vegas, baby.  Part of Scott's family lives out there so we make this trek about once a year, if we can, and the day is fast approaching

Which means that this week, I shall run around like a crazy chicken...with Monday being a typical Monday and being crazier than ever.  And like any day that you wake up with a renewed spirit, ready to tackle your to-do list, my children have caught wind of it and have decided to be especially challenging.  Like take all your clothes off and run around the house in just socks, screaming Mickey Mouse songs challenging.

So far, they've lost TV and the McDonalds treat they always get after gymnastics for not listening and being disagreeable and just plain hard-to-get-along with in general.

Seriously, who am I trying to punish here?? 

So I am facing a week slammed with packing suitcases and cleaning bathrooms (am I the only one who can't go out of town without cleaning her house??  Yet another curse handed down from my mother...) and taking books back to the library and trying to get a quick run in at the Y...shew!

Therefore, I've decided to share some of my favorite older posts with you this week from my former family blog, The Good Life.  At some point, I'll make a little button for it up at the top with those others so you can check more out.  

**Writing was paused as my sweet little children each walked in the kitchen with a handful of Christmas ornaments swiped off the tree.  We now have three ornaments at their level.  The rest take up the top half of the tree.  Also, did I mention it's also raining??  IT'S RAINING!**

I started The Good Life blog after we moved to Tennessee and it was a way to share pictures of Elizabeth, who had just turned a year old, with our friends and family.  Pictures turned into stories and then Rachel joined us and pretty soon, I morphed the whole thing into Mama Wants... But I haven't posted any of the old stories from The Good Life.  

So enjoy the repeats for some of you and the back story of this whole adventure for others and we'll see you on the flip side.  Have a great week!

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