Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nursing one with two...

June 6, 2010 - from The Good Life family blog I kept at the time.  This would have made Rachel a little over three months old and I had just started the process of writing to attempt to regain my sanity of being at home with two little ones.  I love looking back at the old pictures and recalling the things Elizabeth used to do.  It's also funny to think that Rachel is almost as old now as Elizabeth was then.

Anyway, enjoy the story...

Can I write about breastfeeding on this thing?  I'm going to give it a go because, let me tell you, nursing is no picnic with a 22-month-old running around.  I've been very fortunate with both girls and never really had any problems feeding.  In fact, Rachel came out of the womb hungry and has never denied an offer at a meal, unless of course, it came from a bottle.

There were many things I was prepared for since this was my second child...the lovely mouthful of milk pouring down my side when she falls asleep, the wanting to talk when mommy is talking, the process of always walking around with a burp cloth...

What I was not prepared for was my oldest.

Elizabeth really has shown no jealously except for when I go to feed Rachel.  Then, she wants in the middle of everything.  She always asks to get up when I have the baby...although in her defense, that is really the only time I'm sitting down.

It didn't take her long to realize that I am incapacitated when I'm in the rocker and she can use it to her advantage.  Let's take this morning, for instance.

She began the process by climbing on the footstool of the glider and putting all her weight on the Boppy.  Why yes, you DO know this routine!  That is the nifty little pillow that is actually holding the baby.  She then pushed her head into Rachel's butt and made loud kissing noises.  "Mmmmm-ah!" 

From there, she sprinted down the hallway, only to come out of her room with the window screen that I had been attempting to hide behind the changing table.  How she found it, I have no idea, but she threw it on the ground and laid herself on top of it, smashing her face into all the little bug gut particles which I'm sure are all over the thing.   

Gross! Gross!  Gross!  Feeding time now officially over, Rachel went back to the bouncer.

During the next feeding, I decided to switch gears and try the couch, which would allow her to sit beside me.  A novel idea except this also limited my vision.  Elizabeth came in, noticed that I'm nursing Rachel, and promptly marched into the kitchen and grabbed all of my clean dishrags out of the basket (literally, there might have been 10 in her arms).

Mommy's helper then disappeared around the corner of the kitchen and 15 seconds later, I hear the washer door slam and she was pushing buttons.  Snack over:  Rachel goes back in the bouncer.

Who knew she could figure out the wash settings and I set the washer to spin out my now-soaked dishrags and sat back down.

Elizabeth retreated down the hallway.

Her next appearance came by way of the office, and she was carrying every piece of paper that WAS FORMERLY in the printer and proceeded to wad them all up and throw them away.   That didn't get me to put the baby down so she went back to the Boppy climbing tactics.

When I fussed at her for stepping on my feet with her shoes on, she ran in the room, retrieved my flip flops and brought them back as if to say, "Well woman, if you would put some shoes on, my weight wouldn't hurt them so much."

Except, instead of putting them on my feet, she put them in her mouth.

Winner!  Back to the bouncer for Rachel.

I swear, this is all before 9 a.m. and Rachel was now snotty and adamant that she was starving.  I gave up trying to suck the snot out, with her wrenching her head around and Elizabeth pushing her big noggin into my side (we were still on the couch) so we went back to eating.

Now my oldest decided to drag every toy she owned into the living room, along with all the clean clothes out of the laundry basket.  She went to the window and played with the blinds she had already broken on a previous occasion.  She climbed on top of her rocking horse, rocked as strong as she could and then stood up in the saddle...all the while, looking at me for a response.

I stayed silent, determined to get my baby fed and to sleep so I could have just a few moments of sanity.

Just as defeat closed in, my dear, sweet child decided to throw out her trump card...

"Poo-poo...," she said, reaching into her diaper...

Bingo!  Back to the bouncer for Rachel. 


  1. Poor you! I had more trouble with my nursing babe than the older one (we had some latch issues), but I was lucky that P would sit beside me and try to nurse a baby doll when I was nursing C. I'm not sure what started that, but I didn't discourage it! (He also tried to "feed" his baby brother when holding him a few times!) He STILL thinks the two suction cups that hold up the mesh bag for his bath toys are a breast pump... and now that C is a "big boy" he always wants C to have a "turn to pump in the tub" too. Wow... our house sounds crazy when I write that down!

  2. Bless your heart! I think you deserve the Mommy of the Day Award!! Scott needs to give you the night off with the exception of feeding. I'm so glad you are writing all of this down....it will be so great to read back to them one day!