Friday, December 2, 2011

A few things of note...

Today is one of those rare days that I have a lot to do and plenty of energy to do it.  So time in front of the computer will officially be limited...but there are a few things of note that I must share with you first:

 -- I ran two days in a row this week.  Now, I'm not setting any records here, but this is quite an accomplishment for this particular big, pregnant woman.  I went 20 minutes both days and my top speed was 5.5.  Before I got pregnant, my beginning speed was 6.0...but I'm not complaining.

 -- My big girl got her first hair cut yesterday.

 -- Our baby boy is 1 lb, 6 oz per his ultrasound yesterday.  He was such a busy body that the technician could barely get all the measurements she needed to...again...  He should fit right into this household.

 -- Speaking of our baby boy, Scott came up with a new name possibility after we watched Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer the other night...Yukon Cornelius Shipman...  *sigh*  But seriously, is anyone else loving the awesome family movies that are on every night?  I think we're going to get early baths and have a movie and popcorn night with the Grinch tonight.

-- The weather has turned cold here in middle TN.  This requires pulling out the big girl coats.

I swear, there's a little girl in there somewhere...

Ah!  There she is!

Ok, I'm outta here, folks!  Have a great weekend!!

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