Monday, January 28, 2013

Refueling an empty tank

How do you refuel yourself?

I feel like we've jumped back into life with both feet.  We had the nice lull over the holidays and Scott had about a good month and a half that he was home and didn't have to travel.  We got into a nice family routine and I was almost guilty by how easy things felt when he was home.  

This was Christmas day at our house, having s'mores in the den. 

Last week the travel started again and, honestly, I struggled.  My attitude was cruddy, I was cranky with my kids and was pretty much the person in the room you tried to avoid.  And I knew it.  

Now, travel is the state of our life right now, as is for several families and friends of ours.  I caught myself Friday morning getting back into Debbie Downer mode and pledged to not let myself get into the pit again. 

How?  Well, here's what I did to prepare for the long week ahead of us.  Maybe you have some more ideas you can share at the end.

Start a busy week with my tank full.

We went into last week with fevers and snotty noses and not feeling good all around.  I not only didn't get any time to myself, but I also had an overly abundant need for mama from my little people. 
My lessons have also been really busy, with softball season ramping up and I do them all day Saturdays...which is a blessing, but not in the let-me-get-stuff-done-for-me-realm.

The cure?  A Sunday afternoon, napping children, a Target gift card and plentiful clearance racks...


Isn't it funny how just an hour away can refuel your soul?  And I needed it because this week is going to be even longer with Scott out of town and stuff on my plate.  

One thing I got in my shopping tyrade was skinny jeans.  Now, I've watched enough What Not To Wear and have avoided the new trend for this long.  But I just can't figure out how else to sport tall boots with jeans and that little post on Pinterest about how to tight roll your boot cut or straight leg jeans just didn't look right when I tried it.  

So without my children, I grabbed a couple off the rack and went into the dressing room.  Let me say, for the record, that I hate trying on jeans.  Hate it.  I hate the sizes.  I hate the unstretchy denim.  I hate that my waist never fits in the size that my thighs (and in this case, calves!) need.  

I eventually found some that worked before my morale was completely gone.  They were stretchy and fit and I could even sit my rear end didn't look too horrible.  Which brings me into my second preparation tactic:

Get to the gym every day and eat better.

So my goal this week is to get to the gym five times, which hasn't happened since the cold and flu season has been upon us.  Not only does it help to hand off my children to someone else but it also kind of resets us all.  That's all on top of the obvious feeling better about yourself thing.

Not helping me is the sinus pressure that reared it's ugly head this morning, with the weather changing once again.  I'm hopeful the handful of spinach, chia seeds and bee pollen I threw in my lunch shake will help perk me up a bit.  I can eat so good when Scott's home and let it all fall to pieces the minute he walks out the door.  I'm hoping to stay on my plan this week...of course, the handful of Oreos I grabbed right before I sat down doesn't count.  I'm pretty sure the spinach cancels those out.

Ok, those are my two main bullet points and, while I could probably think of more, my baby just crawled in the room with an open marker hanging out of his mouth.  Awesome.  Feel free to carry on the list without me...I'm sure I will be at my wits end by mid week and will need more ideas!

Take care, my friends.


  1. Ah, Annie! I just posted something similar (I think) on my blog. I need help! I'm not a big shopper...more of a crafter...but that doesn't help ramp up my energy because that's completely sedentary when I crochet for some me time. Anyway...if I think of something, or find something that works for me, I'll let you know! ;)

  2. PS- Look at you going for skinny jeans! You go, lady! I don't think I'll ever be able to do that...and I love WNTW.