Friday, January 25, 2013

Playing hooky

We were supposed to get snow.

Or at least a messy, icy mix that had school children all over praying for a snow day.  Except for my child.

Now, mind you, Elizabeth just goes to preschool, but she HATES missing.  And she doesn't watch the weather, so she really had no idea on the prediction.  

This morning, we woke up to rain.  Cold, yucky, not-snow, RAIN.  Because some areas north in the county were cooler, we were on a two hour delay.  Which meant she would need to be at preschool at the exact time I normally give the other two lunch so that I can wake them up early to pick Elizabeth up at 2.  

Which meant that mama promptly decided that we don't do 2-hour delays for preschool.

Oh, you should have heard the uproar from the peanut gallery.

Now, I may have been game had we a.) had a better night last night and Caleb had not been up 5-6 times or b.)  followed any sort of directions getting ready.  But since both of those parameters were pretty much set in place, I called off school and high-tailed my crew to the Y so mama could get a good workout in.  

Something just told me it wasn't a good idea.  Call it mother's intuition.  Or maybe toddler's whining.  

Because I got to the Y and had forgotten the snacks.  Seriously, you would think that I starved my children the way that they react to snacks.  I buy the bunnies and the kids Cliff bars in bulk at Costco, so it's not like I didn't have anything, but I just forgot to grab them on the way out.  The little people didn't want to hear it.  

But they were pleased to know that they could share the small Ziploc baggie of Cheerios that I keep in the bag for their brother.  *sigh*

So with that catastrophe over, I went on with my workout and arrived back to the nursery to find the oldest child fussing over her leg hurting, the middle having peed herself because she is too shy to tell the ladies that she has to go potty, and the third crying and teething on one of the worker's shoulder.

And they still wanted to know where their snacks were.

Which just goes to show you that playing hooky does not pay.  Hear that kids?  I actually learned this lesson in college, when my best friend, Amanda, talked me out of attending chapel to go get coffee.  I had never skipped class before and we got two misses anyway, so I didn't figure it would hurt...until my progress report came out and I had a grade cut in chapel.   It all turned out to be a misunderstanding, but (before I KNEW it was a misunderstanding) I took that paper to my best friend and said, "See?!  This is why I don't miss class!!"  Ah...the drama of a a 19-year-old's world. 

Which is nothing compared to the drama of a 4, 2 and 10-month-old's world, just for the record.

Just hand over the goodies and no one gets hurt...

Ok, now they are demanding lunch.  Seriously, people...bring on the snow...

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